Will Saban Go Back to the NFL?

Will Saban go back to the NFL?Fresh off Alabama’s fifth national championship in nine years and his own sixth title, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is already speculated to be eyeing a transition back to the NFL.

Presumably – despite denials by sources closest to him – Saban would be most interested in taking over the New York Giants’ now-vacant coaching job, at least according to former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians. When being interviewed on ESPN’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Arians told the show’s host that Saban is considering making the move. The odds of Saban heading to New York before next season are so good, apparently, that Arians’ exact words were to Cowherd were “it wouldn’t surprise me.”

“There’s a job [Saban] covets,” he said, referring to Saban’s long-spoken admiration for and supposed desire to one day coach the New York franchise. “It just happens to be open.”

Arians did say that Saban’s hand might be stayed because of his still-ongoing dynasty at Alabama, which won the 2017-2018 CFP National Championship after a thrilling Jan. 8 showdown with Georgia. Nevertheless, the allure of taking over with the Giants organization might be too tempting a prize even for the now solidly legendary Alabama coach.

The reasoning for and ultimately the foundation of these rumors, Arians explained, is that Saban’s name came up in coaching discussions several time in the past, including during the tumultuous first year of the recently departed McAdoo’s tenure with the team. Further lending credence to the claims is the October 2016 incidence when Hollywood actor Tom Arnold (who is good friends with co-owner Steve Tisch) famously set the internet and sporting world ablaze with rumors to the effect that Saban was under serious consideration right up until McAdoo signed his deal with the Giants. Arnold claimed at the time – this was early 2017 – that Saban was asking for a contract valued at $10 million, which led the Giants’ higher-ups to go with McAdoo, and, well, we all see how that turned out for New York.

Whether or not Saban makes the move back to the professional league, the fact remains that he’s probably among the best college coaches to have ever done the job and would be a tremendous catch for any program. The odds in sports betting states are horrible on him leaving Alabama, so if he makes a move it would be to go back to the NFL, and that’s after coaching the Browns from ’91-’94 and the Dolphins ’05-’06. In that case, like Arians said, the gig is open.

The Giants would be incredibly lucky to get him. If they will or not remains to be seen.