Fastest Sportsbook Payouts

Being that making withdrawals is one of the most important aspects of online sports betting, it is no wonder that bettors want to know more about the fastest sportsbook payouts. In the past, there were only a few ways for bettors to cashout on their earnings but the standards in online banking have changed. Convenient and trustworthy withdrawal options go hand in hand with finding a quality online sports betting site, with sportsbooks expanding their banking options to better fit the needs of their loyal customers. The wide selection of payout options includes same-day withdrawals, electronic transfers, and even free payout rewards once per month. You have plenty of options when it comes to how you want your payout at an online sportsbook.

Nearly every sports bettor would prefer to use the fastest payouts at sportsbooks to collect their cash. Other considerations such as reliability and fees should also be of priority. There are various online sports betting sites that are highly rated and also have the withdrawal methods that you are looking for. From digital currencies to online money transfer services, there are numerous ways to choose which type of speedy withdrawal works best for you.

Withdrawal Methods With The Lowest Fees

The main purpose of sports betting is to make real money at online sportsbooks, so when it comes time to request a payout you should use withdrawal methods with the lowest fees. There is nothing worse than winning a bet and having your sportsbook take a few cents off of every dollar. As you become more familiar with different sportsbook cashiers, you will notice that some fees are more exorbitant than others depending on the method. Generally, money orders and person-to-person options have the highest payout fees, and bank wires should also be avoided unless withdrawing large sums of money. The withdrawal methods with the lowest fees are bitcoin, book-to-book transfers, and checks.

Book-To-Book Transfer – Never Pay Withdrawal Fees!

Book-to-book transfers are one of the lesser known payout methods but they can be very advantageous, especially to bettors with more than one sportsbook. You can usually send anywhere from $500 to $24,900 to any participating online sportsbook. Most books do not charge any fees for incoming or outgoing transfers. The parti-cipating provider list will be provided by the cashier, but book-to-book transfers between SportsBetting and BetOnline are just one of several options. We always encourage bettors to use more than one online sportsbook for the most profitable betting strategy, and both of these sports betting sites happen to be the best in the industry. While online sportsbooks guarantee delivery within 24 hours, we have found that transfers can happen in as little as one hour.

Checks – One Of The Lowest Payout Fees

Nothing is more tried and true than a traditional check sportsbook payout. The online cashier will send your funds directly to your mailbox, typically within 7 business days. Checks are still considered one of the fastest sportsbook payouts because a week wait is much better than the month that you could be waiting for a bank wire transfer to be completed. Of all the methods that carry fees, the withdrawal charge for checks is among the lowest. The fee is usually between $25 and $50, but there is often a monthly discount on checks where you can have the charge waived. If you plan your check payouts accordingly, you never have to pay a fee.

Fastest Sportsbook Payout Options

Many bettors believe that online sportsbook withdrawals take weeks to receive, but once you know the methods for the fastest sportsbook payouts you will see that this is just a common misconception. Online sports betting sites now provide more cashout options than ever and many of these methods are extremely fast. If you want your funds within 48 hours, the best payout methods are bitcoin and book-to-book transfer. If you prefer a more traditional withdrawal method, Money Gram payouts are generally available in 3-5 business days. The options to avoid are bank wire transfers and money orders because they can take well over a week to arrive.

Bitcoin – Same-day Payout Option

One of the reasons that bitcoin withdrawals have spread in popularity is because of how fast payouts are received. Not only is bitcoin one of the most cost effective ways to cashout, it is also extremely fast. It takes no more than 48 hours for payout requests to be processed and credited to your BTC wallet. Bitcoin is one of the only payout options that has no additional sportsbook fees of any kind. There are also very reasonable withdrawal limits, with the minimum around $20 and most cashiers allowing up to $9,500 to be cashed out. If you would prefer a higher limit, you can always contact customer service for a potential increase.

Person-to-Person – Get Funds Quickly With MoneyGram or Western Union

Person-to-Person payouts are when the online sportsbook sends your cash via a money transfer service such as MoneyGram or Western Union. Most transfers are processed within 48 hours and you should receive the reference number needed to pick up your cash shortly thereafter. This is quicker than checks and most of the other payout methods. Though it is one of the fastest sportsbook payouts, the fees are somewhat high. You may have to pay between $26 and $101 when using the person-to-person method.

Fastest Sportsbook Payouts FAQs

One of the most commonly searched questions amongst sports bettors tends to be “is bitcoin safe to use?”- and the answer is yes! Aside from being one of the fastest sportsbook payouts, bitcoin is actually one of the safest and most reliable banking methods that bettors can use. The digital currency has become popular because of its secure and anonymous nature. You only have to provide the online sportsbook cashier with your bitcoin wallet address rather than having to provide your bank account information.

Your wallet address does not contain any personally identifying information, just a string of alphanumeric characters. Since your wallet should be encrypted it has an extremely low chance of ever falling into the wrong hands, unlike other methods that are more susceptible to theft. From a legal perspective, bitcoin is one of the few currencies that is largely accepted worldwide, including at the top online sportsbooks based in Costa Rica, Antigua, and Panama.

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