Android Sports Betting Apps

Android Sports Betting AppsMobile sports betting, almost undreamed of a decade ago and merely an emerging trend in the broader online sports betting marketplace as recently as 2013, has more than proven it’s here to stay.

Mobile sports betting now accounts for well more than half of all internet-based wagering on sports, a market with an estimated value of far above $100 billion per year, and the Android operating system is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market. More than 2 billion active devices run on the Android operating system and the vast majority of the sports gambling public, estimated to number in the hundreds of millions worldwide, use Android sports betting apps as its preferred means of placing wagers on their favorite teams and athletes.

The rapid progress of mobile phone technology and the ubiquitous availability of reliable high-speed internet service has paved the way for the rise of mobile betting in the last several years. Mobile sports betting, with Android-compatible apps leading the way, represent the future of gambling on sports, and the numbers back it up, with thousands of new downloads every month. The convenience afforded by apps like the ones we recommend for sports betting enthusiasts is setting the pace for the rest of the industry and will for years to come.

Mobile Sports Betting Explained

Mobile sports betting is, in essence, using a smartphone, tablet or other cellular device to place wagers on sporting events. While that explanation may seem overly simplistic, that’s really all there is to it. The technology needed to reach this point, however, has been a long time coming and is the result of a concerted effort by the leading legal offshore sports betting websites to fully modernize the sports betting marketplace. Mobile sports betting is more and more becoming the best choice for wagering on sports in a safe, secure, legal and convenient way, and this segment of the marketplace is only going to expand with broader smartphone use in America and elsewhere.

The Best Android Sports Betting Apps For American Users

Because of the combination of state and federal laws aimed at curtailing the spread of gambling on sports in the US, the only alternative available to US bettors are legal offshore sports betting websites like Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline and SportsBetting. These companies are licensed by the gaming regulatory authorities in their home countries. These websites operate outside the US’ legal jurisdiction, but accept American account holders and cater to American tastes in sports by offering action on sports ranging from the NFL to Major League Baseball. Another way the leading offshore sports betting sites cater to their American customer base is by offering free Android sports betting apps that make their characteristic easy-to-use services even more convenient.

How To Download Legal Android Sports Betting Apps

Downloading legal sports betting apps on your Android device is going to be a little more difficult than just logging into the Google Play app store, but the process isn’t much more time consuming. Because Google, which owns Android, has a policy in place that prevents gambling apps or services related to gambling to be sold via Google Play, the only way to download Android-compatible sports betting apps is to go straight to the source: the legal offshore sports betting websites that serve US customers. Each website, whether Bovada, BetOnline, or SportsBetting, has its own individual instructions, but basically all you’ll have to do is connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer then retrieve and run an APK file supplied by the website at no charge.

How To Use Android Sports Betting Apps

Android-based sports betting apps are models of simplicity because they’re designed to be nearly 1-to-1 replicas of their desktop counterparts at the top legal offshore sports betting websites. Anyone familiar with how industry-leading sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline or MyBookie work will be able to instantly pick and start betting using Android apps offered by those companies. Basically all a user has to do is choose a sport to bet on from the list available, and then tap to place a bet, making sure their account is sufficiently bankrolled first. It’s all pretty much self-explanatory, but we’ll go into more detail in the section below.

Android Sports Betting Apps F.A.Q

Can I Bet On Sports Using My Android Mobile Device?

Using a mobile device to bet on sports is as easy as using a desktop computer to do so, and in fact it’s often easier. There is no doubt that using an Android mobile sports betting app is far more convenient than any other alternative. That’s why recent industry reports show that more than 50 percent of all online sports gambling is done via mobile device, whether on a smartphone or a tablet. Android-compatible mobile sports betting apps are a popular choice for bettors on the go, but most of the best offshore legal sports betting websites also have exceptionally smooth-running handset-optimized main pages as well, so the experience should be equivalent no matter which method works best for you.

Are Android Sports Betting Apps Safe?

The Android sports betting apps released by all our recommended legal offshore gambling sites are known industry-wide for having some of the most secure systems in place. They all use highly advanced multi-layer encryption software per requirement from the gaming regulatory bodies in their home countries, which further enhances their safety and financial security for players. Android-based mobile apps from these licensed and reputable companies are no different, being subject to the same rules and regulations as the desktop versions. Users should have no doubt that their deposits and winnings are safe with any of the offshore sites we’ve recommended.

Is Betting On Sports Using My Android Device Legal?

Ultimately, that depends on what state you live in. Many states do not have laws specifically prohibiting betting on sports over the internet, although it is commonly held to be illegal to open or operate a sports gambling website in most states. Additionally, Federal laws like the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), which prohibits states from regulating sports betting, and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) target illegal sports gambling operators rather than individual bettors. Though every state has slightly different laws when it comes to online gambling specifically, placing bets using apps from legal offshore sports betting sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline or MyBookie is an activity outside the purview of federal or state law.

Can I Be Arrested For Using An Android Sports Betting App?

It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever been or will ever be arrested, much less charged or prosecuted, for using an Android sports betting app. Though it is generally accepted that most state anti-online gambling laws would apply to sports betting apps as well as traditional gambling website, only a few states actually have laws on the books that specifically target bettors themselves and not the operators of illegal gambling sites. Essentially, most state’s gambling laws are entirely unenforceable, even the ones that apply to individual users of sports betting websites regardless of their point of origin. The bottom line is, if you were arrested for placing a few wagers on your Android mobile device you would probably be the first.

Can I Bet Real Money Using Android Sports Betting Apps?

If you can bet real money on a legal offshore sports betting site you can bet real money using their corresponding mobile app version too. The whole process couldn’t be any simpler. After you’ve made your account at the online sportsbook of your choice, simply select the deposit option that works best for you and collect your sign-up or new deposit bonus (in some cases this can be up to $250 or a 50 percent match on new deposits).

Generally, federal law is going to limit your deposit and withdrawal options using credit cards, so prepaid debit cards, person-to-person money transfer, Bitcoin or even a check in the mail will be the best bet for bankrolling your account. The same methods are usually the most reliable for collecting your winnings after a successful bet as well.

Can I Make Deposits Into My Sports Betting Account Using An Android App?

Making sportsbook deposits into your account using an Android sports betting app on the go, no matter where you are, is definitely one of the biggest advantages of embracing mobile betting using a smartphone or other device. If you're familiar with the process of transferring funds to your account on the desktop version of Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline and MyBookie, then you’ll be happy to know nothing has changed when using their Android mobile sports betting apps. The one thing to remember about making deposits, however, is that you will be unable to do so using most credit cards due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

The federal law cracked down on financial institutions processing gambling related payments and transfers to illegal US-based gambling sites, and unfortunately even all the legal offshore gambling sites except Bovada and BetOnline (which still accept VISA cards from American customers) stopped accepting US credit cards as a result. This means that you’ll need to fund your online bankroll via other means such as person-to-person transfers, check, money order, prepaid debit card or Bitcoin.

Is Live Betting Offered On Android Sports Betting Apps?

Live betting is a new and exciting form of wagering on sports where the odds, usually locked in prior the start of a sporting event, change throughout the course of the contest. This form of gambling requires a quick hand and eye on the part of the bettor, as conditions on the field or court means the odds can shift by the minute. Locking in favorable odds or joining in on situational prop bet becomes a matter of timing and reflexes as much as a test of one’s ability to strategize and pick winners in advance.

Most of the leading offshore sports betting websites have by 2017 introduced live betting as part of their mobile betting repertoire, but Bovada and BetOnline are generally acknowledged to be the best of the lot. Those two are leaders in the segment owing to the more advanced nature of the algorithms used to calculate odds on the fly.

Can I Use More Than One Mobile Sports Betting App?

Just as you can open as many online sport book accounts as you want, provided you’re using legal offshore sports betting sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline or MyBookie, you can download and use as many sports betting apps as your phone’s memory can handle. In fact, in the same way that it’s advantageous to maintain multiple online sportsbook accounts, it’s practically a necessity to use several mobile sports betting apps in order to take advantage of the different odds and bonuses offered by different betting sites. Though it might require more work than just keeping track of one sports betting app, serious punters are smart to seize on the opportunity to spread out their bets.

Is Android Better For Mobile Sports Betting Than Apple?

The top legal offshore sports betting websites offer mobile sports betting apps compatible with Android and Apple’s iOS. For the most part the services provided are exactly the same when it comes to actually using the app no matter whether your phone or tablet is built by Samsung, Apple, LG or other manufacturers. Making deposits, placing bets and collecting winnings is virtually identical across platforms, so there is no need for Android users to worry they aren’t getting the best possible sports betting experience out of their device, especially compared to the competition. However, there are a few areas that the Android operating system has an undisputed advantage over Apple’s.

In terms of ubiquity, Android phones and tablets are simply more popular worldwide by a magnitude of more than 2-to-1 over devices running iOS software, which are necessarily going to be limited to iPhones. This can be seen as an advantage for Android users beyond simply having bragging rights, as their mobile sports betting apps, being in the hands of more people around the globe, will have had more exposure to potential problems. This gives app developers more opportunities to refine their product and create enhancements customers appreciate. Android mobile betting app users also have access to 100 percent guaranteed integration with Google services like Google Reader and Gmail, owing to Google’s ownership of Android.

Will Android Sports Betting Apps Drain My Battery?

Android smartphones have a stellar reputation when it comes to long-lasting batteries, even when running multiple applications and in spite of their generally superior display characteristics compared to their competitors. The top Android sports betting apps aren’t going to throw a kink in things in the battery life department either, as a benefit of this form of sports betting is the limited dependence on graphic-heavy displays to convey information to the player. Unlike other forms of mobile gambling - online poker, for instance – all that’s really needed to be displayed by a mobile sportsbook app is the betting line, the odds, the amount you’re wagering and that’s about it.

Do Android Sports Betting Apps Have Any Special Features?

The short answer to this question is “no.” However, sports betting apps running on Android may not have any fundamental differences or advantages over apps compatible with other operating systems but Android sports betting apps naturally take advantage of the generally superior hardware of the phones and tablets on which they’re used. Android phones, especially those produced by market leader Samsung, often possess better specifications compared to their rivals, and faster processing speeds, clearer displays and higher resolutions mean users can expect to be able to more quickly and accurately lock in their bets.

Can I Watch Live Sports And Horse Racing On Android Sports Betting Apps?

Unlike some other overseas competitors based in the UK, the legal offshore sports betting sites we recommend do not offer live streaming video of sporting events, including horse racing, on their mobile apps or their main websites. This is due to the federal ban on sports betting and the historical aversion to gambling on sports of American pro sports leagues.

Why Can’t I Download Android Sports Betting Apps In Google Play?

The reason you won’t be able to find mobile sports betting apps, even from legal offshore websites, on Google Play is because Google has, in all its wisdom, decided not to permit any kind of real money gambling applications in the app store. Google’s policy is to prohibit any services that facilitate online gambling, including casinos, lotteries and sports betting, for prizes of cash value. Even “games of skill” apps like daily fantasy sports (DFS) are not permitted in the Google Play store if players can win real money. Fortunately, the industry leading legal betting sites we recommend have their users covered, as we’ll discuss in the following section.

Where Can Download Android Sports Betting Apps?

Since Google’s stated policy is ban real-money sports betting apps from the Google Play store, legal offshore sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting and MyBookie offer an alternative means of downloading their Android mobile sports betting apps. Users of these services can download the apps they want directly from the website by means of an APK file, a file type regularly used to bypass cellular service providers and install software that is either not on the market yet, is unavailable in your region and so on. Every website will have a different set of instructions to download their mobile sports betting apps, but generally all you’ll need to do is plug your smartphone or tablet into a computer and then retrieve, install and run the APK file containing the application from the website of your choice.

What Should I Look For In An Android Sports Betting App?

Most Android-compatible sports betting apps offer an equivalent user experience, and often even have a similar interface, but there are definitely some advantageous features to be had in each of the main offshore legal sports betting sites’ apps. Generally, before making your decision as to which Android sports betting app you’ll select, you should consider whether the app offers bets on sports you’re interested in (and which has the best odds, for that matter). Beyond that it’s also worthwhile to think of features you may want, like live scoring updates, stats on your favorite teams and players, betting tips, news aggregation services, live betting capabilities and so on. Additionally, the best betting sites like Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline and SportsBetting are all going to have competitive sign-up bonus incentives for their users, so pick the one that best suits your needs and play style.

Is It Safe To Use Android Sports Betting Apps Over Wifi?

One of the best aspects of using Android sports betting apps is that, by their very nature as a subset of mobile technology, they are designed to be taken anywhere. Being able to enjoy instantaneous betting on your favorite sports whether you’re out with friends or on your lunch break at work is something bettors could only have dreamed of even 10 years ago. Nowadays, sports betting enthusiasts can take their hobby anywhere thanks to the mobile sports betting capabilities afforded by legal offshore gambling sites serving American users, aided by free WiFi in many public places. The good news is that information, especially personal and financial information, is completely secure even when transmitted via WiFi signal because of the advanced encryption software used by all the top offshore sports betting sites.

What Brands Of Phones Are Compatible With Android Sports Betting Apps?

Generally speaking, any phone that runs on the Android operating system will be compatible with sports betting apps offered by the legal offshore sports betting websites we recommend – namely BetOnline, SportsBetting, Bovada and MyBookie. LG, Samsung, and Motorola devices have a long history of running the Android operating system, and owing to the commonality between mobile sports betting apps across all platforms, users can be assured that secure, safe and simple sports betting is just a few taps of their touchscreen away.

Can I Download Android Sports Betting Apps On An Old Phone?

Not every Android user has the latest and greatest phone nor does one need it to successfully bet on sports. The good news is that any phone capable of running a still-supported version of the Android operating system will be able to download the mobile sports betting apps we recommend. Generally, that means mobile devices released within the last three years by most major manufacturers will be capable of safely running Android sports betting apps. However, some phones are simply incapable of running up-to-date Android software, and that means more than not having access to the newest apps and special features.

Will Android Sports Betting Apps Work On Prepaid Phones?

As discussed above, Android sports betting apps will work on some older phones, provided they aren’t too old and are capable of running at least Android 6 Marshmallow. Often, smartphones that were headliners of the fairly recent past will be refurbished or kept in limited circulation to be sold as lower-cost alternatives or as prepaid phones.

All normal data-usage rules will apply to prepaid phones running Android sports betting apps, so there shouldn’t be any difference in terms of what users will experience versus a phone on a contract plan with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or any other cellular service provider. However, as already mentioned, sports betting app users should be aware that older models of smartphones may not be able to upgrade to the latest security standards, which is a major concern given the financial information that changes hands in wagering on sports.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Complaints Of Android Sports Betting Apps?

Though there aren’t too many legitimate complaints regarding Android-compatible sports betting apps, there are a few worth mentioning. Live streaming video of sporting events is not available through Android sports betting apps, but this, as we discussed previously, is due to prohibitions on sports gambling by US and state law. Furthermore, Google’s own content policies make it impossible for free Android sports betting apps to be made available for download on the Google Play store. It’s safe to download the apps from their corresponding websites, but users should steer clear of third-party application stores just to be safe.

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