Legal Sports Betting Sites

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. There are legal sports betting sites out there for American players to take advantage of. So with that in mind, this page will talk specifically about how this is possible and why. But more than that, this page is very practical for you, because we give you actual examples of great legal sports betting sites to use that American players are able to sign up with.

Three of the top online sports betting sites for U.S. players are listed below, but before we get to that, we want to explain in general why you can sign up for these and legally place real money wagers. It has to do with the fact that these online sportsbooks operate outside of the United States, and thus are outside of the jurisdiction against sports betting sites at the federal level. As such, U.S. players can be confident in going with the accredited sportsbooks that have been extensively reviewed and played.

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal For USA Players?

The most important point that we want to stress to you is the fact that legal online sports betting can be done. When federal law speaks, it speaks of operating a website that takes wagers on sports, and not actually placing a bet online. That is the important distinction to make, and the key to the U.S. player having the ability to place a legal real money wager, and also the reason why the leading legal online sportsbooks are located in other countries.

So, back to the question...Yes, Americans do NOT have to worry about any trouble from the law as long as they are simply using sports betting sites for entertainment purposes. Trouble begins when the player becomes an entrepreneur by either owning/operating their own online sports wagering website, or the player starts to profit by taking/placing sports wagers for others. Just stick to placing your own bets with non US-based online bookmakers, and there will be absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Sports Betting Sites That Are Legal

Follow along with and you will read about three of our best online sports betting sites for American players that are legal when wagering real money on sporting events. While these are not the only legal sports wagering sites available, USA players will be hard-pressed to find any that exceed the options found at the sportsbooks we've recommended. We hope that if you are in the market for a safe sports betting site that you will check at least one, or maybe even all of these sportsbooks and see what they offer. We invite you to read more about them and create accounts to see how the betting process works. In the end, we're confident that you definitely will not be disappointed with your decision to do so.

Bovada Sportsbook

BovadaBovada Sportsbook is the epitome of what we consider to be great online sports betting that is legal for American players. Bovada is all about accepting bettors from the United States, and that is evident in the betting lines that they offer. U.S. players who are of legal age to bet in their state can create accounts with Bovada and play for real money. There are five states however in which new accounts are not permitted here. These states are New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland. Aside from that, all other states can join in on the action.

The sportsbook at Bovada is renowned for its quality service and assistance that they offer their account holders. Bettors can be confident that they are picking a sportsbook that has a great reputation in the industry, and is regulated by independent groups specifically for offshore gaming sites. Read all about their credits and certifications on site as they happily provide that to you.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnlineThe idea of easy and quality legal sports betting online here in the United States is not a far-fetched concept. In fact, it's as easy and real as it gets at BetOnline Sportsbook. Serving players from all 50 states in the U.S., BetOnline is set up out of Panama and features many sports betting lines with American leagues. BetOnline's largest market is from USA players and the many account holders that do signup here are very satisfied that they did so.

BetOnline account holders will not get into trouble with the law for signing up, so long as they are of age to do so. With the sportsbook set up offshore, this presents a legal opportunity to bet sports just as if you were in Las Vegas at one of the famous sportsbooks doing so. There is nothing restricted or limiting your betting here.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting Online SportsbookIf you are looking at betting on sports, why not go with a domain name that has that right in the title. SportsBetting's online sportsbook gets straight to the point about what they are about, and what they are dedicated to. That is legal sports betting for players in the United States. Again, SportsBetting is a legal sports betting website located in Panama, which is a common theme for those who target U.S. players. They go outside of the country, but it's not very far at all, because the American player is in mind, and you will benefit from it.

Whether you want to bet on the Super Bowl, or lay down some real money on March Madness and everything in between, SportsBetting is a fantastic place to do just that. It's an American sports bettor's dream, and they want to make sure that U.S. players know about them and the opportunity that they present.

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