Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Mobile Sports Betting AppsAside from the Internet itself, nothing has revolutionized the gambling industry quite like the recent explosion of the biggest mobile sports betting sites. No longer are bettors relegated to computer desks in stale little offices – they can stay connected to their favorite sportsbooks and bet on their favorite teams without sacrificing their social lives. If you use mobile sports betting sites, you can literally keep your bookie in your pocket.

That newfound convenience has been embraced by both bettors and bookmakers, and the result has been an almost singular emphasis on further developing these mobile sports betting sites. Sure, none of the big books will abandon their traditional website portals, but the real state-of-the art stuff on the technical end is happening in the smartphone and tablet space. Take live betting, for example: Because this popular new bet type relies on a persistent Internet connection and the capability to bet at a moment’s notice no matter where you are, it is uniquely suited to the mobile concept.

In most cases, online sportsbooks have chosen to focus their development efforts on mobile sports betting sites rather than actual sports betting apps. In fact, if you ever come across an iPhone, iPad, or Android app in the App Store, iTunes, or on Google Play, chances are it’s a scam. Reputable online sportsbooks do not use these storefronts, and any developer that slips a so-called “sportsbook app” past the store curators is almost certainly too small to cover their lines and too unreliable to trust with your personal financial information. Stay away from these scam artists, and stick with established sportsbooks only.

Best Mobile Friendly Sports Betting Sites For 2017

Not all mobile sports betting sites are created equal. For the best, smoothest, most efficient on-the-go betting experiences, you can trust the usual suspects to produce first-rate mobile versions of their excellent web portals. They’ve spared no expense to bring you the world’s best, most mobile friendly sportsbooks.

Do Any States Ban The Use Of Mobile Betting Sites And Or Apps?

Most states have no clear laws that ban the use of mobile sports betting sites, and the few that do make no specific mention whatsoever of smartphone or tablet apps. However, if a state disallows online betting, it can be assumed that such a prohibition encompasses all such methods of online betting. In other words, the apps may not be illegal in those areas, but using them for their advertised purpose definitely would be.

There are nine states that address and outlaw the use of mobile sports betting sites (as well as all other forms of online gambling). These are Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. Fortunately, none of these states have any history of prosecuting online bettors, and the penalties are all misdemeanors and small fines at worst. Generally speaking, provided you employ minimal safeguards (like, say, not live-streaming your online sports betting adventures), Internet gambling laws are effectively unenforceable.

Why Aren’t Mobile Sports Betting Sites Legal In Nevada?

Nevada is included as one of the states that formally bans online sports betting. However, this can be misleading, as it is perfectly legal for established casinos in the state to offer their patrons and resort guests the use of mobile apps to legally gamble on sports and play table games at their facilities. The catch is that these sorts of apps are tied to specific single-user licenses and are geo-fenced via GPS to a defined location (typically the casino’s main property but sometimes Nevada’s actual borders).

Furthermore, these apps – whether for Apple or Android platforms – cannot be downloaded from iTunes, the App Store, or Google Play. They are exclusively available to the casinos in question. Still, as much of a hassle as the registration process seems to be, Las Vegas casinos reported that 29 percent of their sports betting and table game handles came from just these sorts of mobile betting gateways.

Making Your First Deposit And How To Place A Bet

Funding your Account

After signing up at your sportsbook of choice (which is both free and as quick and painless as signing up for an online email account), you need to make your betting funds accessible on the site. Conceptually, this process is the virtual version of trading in your real cash for casino chips before hitting the tables. Luckily, it’s a simple, straightforward procedure with just a couple of things you need to bear in mind.

Mobile sports betting sites provide a number of options for funding your account, but some of these are quite a lot faster than others and are thus particularly suited to sportsbooks. Credit and debit deposits (limited to Visa and Mastercard, as American Express seems to have passed on the industry and nobody uses Discover) are likely the fastest ways to fill up your digital wallet, but cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are emerging as customer favorites, offering a combination of enhanced privacy and single-day turnaround. Plus, you can use Bitcoin to collect your winnings, which is something you cannot do with regular credit or debit cards.

If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to use the above methods, most mobile sports betting sites will accept personal checks, wire transfers, money orders, and the like. If you choose one of these methods, please remember that it may take up to two weeks for your deposit to show up in your account, so you’ll want to keep enough money on hand ahead of time to place the occasional spontaneous sports bet.

Mobile Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Each of the best mobile sports betting sites has sportsbook deposit bonuses for new and existing members. But don’t let the “bonus” moniker fool you into thinking these perks are “free money.” They aren’t. While they are a thoughtful and potentially significant gift for gamblers, they are primarily designed with customer retention in mind.

To collect your bonus, you have to achieve certain “rollover” thresholds first. Typically, these thresholds involve spending plenty of your own money before you can ever cash out a bonus or its associated winnings. As an example, a given online sportsbook may offer something like $250 in bonus cash for signing up. At a standard 5X rollover, you would have to spend a total handle (or total wager expenditure) of five times the bonus in order to collect that $250. That means that you’ll be able to withdraw that money only after spending a minimum of $1250 with the sportsbook.

Now That You Have Funds In Your Account It's Time To Bet

Betting On Sports With An Apple Device

The iPhone and iPad are the most widely-used smartphones and tablets on the planet, so it’s no surprise that literally tens of millions of people are betting on sports with an Apple device of one kind or another. Indeed, most sportsbook development teams prioritize Apple’s specific hardware profiles over all other brands, and that makes the platform shine when it comes to all the mobile sports betting sites out there. With any modern Apple device, you know you’re getting the best online betting experience possible. Once you have funds in your account, betting via your iPhone or iPad is basically a one-tap process.

Betting On Sports With An Android Device

Google is no smartphone slouch, and their popular operating system probably sees the most gambling action globally. Android runs on more phones worldwide than any other operating system, which means that, if mobile sports betting sites want to reach the largest audiences possible, they’ve got to cater to Android fans. Betting on sports with an Android device is a quick, slick, commonplace experience. Just a tap or two is all it takes to make your wagers.

Betting On Sports With Other Mobile Devices

Though the American marketplace is dominated by iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, there are still a couple of noteworthy outliers. On the phone side, these are Windows Phone and BlackBerry, which own a combined 0.04 percent of the US mobile market. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices command almost eight percent of the tablet market. Because these brands have comparatively few users, mobile sports betting sites will not typically be optimized for their various form factors. Still, they each come with full-featured Internet browsers, so you’ll be able to use them for online sports betting in a pinch.

Mobile Sports Betting FAQ's

Why Don't Most Online Sportsbooks Have An App?

If you’ve ever searched the App Store or Google Play for an online sportsbook app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you’ve probably wondered why most legal online sportsbooks don’t have an app. After all, legitimate companies have legitimate apps, right? Usually, yes. But don’t let any major sportsbook’s absence here fool you into thinking it’s not a serious, reputable firm – it is. It’s just that, for several regulatory and financial reasons, Apple and Google won’t host apps for mobile sports betting sites.

Why Can't I Find Sports Betting Apps In The Play Store Or iTunes?

Google Play and the iTunes app store are both somewhat curated, and their managing companies have good reason to exclude sports betting apps. Since sports betting is mostly viewed as illegal in the US (legal overseas sportsbooks notwithstanding) and online betting is explicitly illegal in roughly 20 percent of the country, giant tech corporations naturally view perceived “endorsements” of the industry as unfavorable from a marketing perspective.

Further, at least in Apple’s case, any iPhone or iPad app that allows in-app purchases or transactions carries with it a hefty 30 percent profit share for Apple itself. For example, if Bovada had an official iPhone app, they’d have to give Apple 30 percent of all monies spent inside said app. Under this scheme, Apple would probably be accused of promoting and profiting off a nominally illicit activity, while sportsbooks – who rely on a profit margin of roughly five percent – would go right out of business several times over.

Is Sports Betting On Your Mobile Device Legal?

In states that don’t specifically ban online betting (see above), it is perfectly legal for you to engage in sports betting on your mobile device. For legal purposes, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are no different than internet-connected Windows or Mac computers. Online betting at legit is online betting, regardless of the device used.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Live Streams Of Games Or Popular Betting Events?

No. Because professional and collegiate sports are big industries in America, the broadcast rights to these contests are all fiercely protected. Right now, since no team or league has any sponsor relationship with any mobile sports betting site, these sportsbooks cannot legally provide otherwise copyrighted and trademarked media for dissemination. Such brand protection extends to all aspects of mobile sports betting sites. You’ll notice that contest listings on the sportsbooks’ various odds sheets don’t even include team logos.

The fastest way for a sportsbook to get into legal hot water is over intellectual property laws, not criminal laws. Criminal laws are enforceable only in those laws’ countries of origin. Thanks to international trademark laws, however, IP laws are usually enforceable on a global scale. One big lawsuit over an illegally-used picture, video, or other media asset could wipe out a sportsbook’s entire year – or the entire sportsbook itself!

Can I Bet On The NFL From My Phone?

Absolutely. All the best mobile sports betting sites offer tons of NFL action covering every bet type imaginable. From play-by-play in-game props to long term futures, the NFL is the most popular sport in America for sports betting. Throw in tailgating and viewing parties, and you’ve got a sport that’s essentially purpose-built for portable smartphone and tablet betting. In fact, every major online sportsbook makes it a priority to cater to users who bet on the NFL from their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Are iPhone and Android Sportsbooks The Same?

Mostly. Since no reputable sportsbook has an app available through normal marketplace channels, these products are instead offered as mobile websites. Once you visit a sportsbook’s site on your mobile browser of choice, simply save its home page (or whatever other page you prefer) to your device’s home screen, where it will become what is commonly called a “web app.” By their nature, web apps are only slightly hardware-specific; most of the differences between iPhone and Android versions of sportsbook web apps will be related only to visual screen constraints. Content-wise, however, these apps are necessarily identical across the board. As a bettor, you will not get any specific benefit for using one platform over another.

Can I Live Bet On Games From My Phone Or Tablet?

Yes! In fact, your phone or tablet is the best place to live bet on games. Because successful live betting means being in the right place at the right time to actually put your cash on the line, it helps to be able to bet no matter where you are. If live betting wasn’t mobile oriented, it would be a heck of a lot less popular than it is, as most casual bettors just don’t have the time for marathon sports gambling sessions.

Do Online Sports Betting Sites Offer Horse Racing Betting? wants you to know all of the big mobile sports betting sites offer comprehensive horse racing betting boards. No matter what state you’re in, you can take advantage of several traditional pari-mutuel betting types, including exactas, trifectas, daily doubles, multi-picks, and more. Because you can take your iPhone or Android phone anywhere, you can enjoy virtual simulcast betting at every restaurant, bar, and shopping mall in town. For real fans of the ponies, there’s no better way to bet away from the racetrack than on your own smartphone or tablet.

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