Legal iPad Sports Betting Apps

iPad Sports Betting AppsIf you have an iPad and like to bet on sports, you’re probably looking for some legal iPad sports betting apps. And if so, you’ve probably had a tough time finding them. There’s a good reason for that, but they do exist. Fortunately, so do much better alternatives.

Legally, online sports betting has been a bona fide phenomenon for the last decade, and the pastime has come a long way in both public consciousness and political forum. As prohibitions to Internet-based sports betting slip into irrelevancy, new laws and legislative actions are underway to formally legitimize the practice.

But even though sports betting may be taboo to a few Americans, it is a huge industry, highly sought-after by customers and vendors. In fact, by most modern estimates, the United States sports betting scene is one of the largest industries in the world, moving an estimated $500 billion each year. Not even Apple can touch that. Luckily, you can – literally. If you have an iPad.

Can I Use My iPad To Make Legal Online Sports Bets?

Yes. In almost every state across America, you can use your iPad to make legal online sports bets. Through Safari or various legal iPad sports betting apps, you can visit sportsbooks and place wagers without breaking the law. This is possible because federal laws like the Wire Act of 1961, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) all put the legal burden on parties that accept bets, not those that place them.

Since all the best online sportsbooks are based overseas, there is no way the US government can prosecute them. These companies are only required to operate under the licensing and regulation guidelines of their home countries, and they do so to the letter. The very best of these sites are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes. They are all established, legitimate global enterprises, and you can feel confident doing business with them.

Can I Be Arrested For Betting On Sports Over The Internet?

It is exceedingly unlikely that you will ever face any prosecutorial action for placing online sports bets. Whether or not you use legal iPad sports betting apps or products on some other platform, gambling on sports over the Internet is legal in practice. Again, the US government is only interested in going after those who make sportsbooks and take bets. Unless you go out of your way to advertise the fact to the feds, you will not be arrested for betting on sports over the Internet.

Will I Violate Apple’s Terms Of Service If I Bet With My iPad?

Though Apple’s TOS is only 10 pages long, it’s a dense read. Section 2(f) of the iOS Software License Agreement says the following: “You agree to use the iOS Software and the compliance with all applicable laws” of your area. That’s standard boilerplate legalese, and it merely absolves Apple from responsibility for your actions; it doesn’t give Apple any right to remotely disable your iPad or seize your personal property. Plus, online sports betting is largely legal, anyways.

Will Betting On Sports Void My iPad Warranty?

Unless you’re doing it under water or in the middle of a sandstorm, then no. Whatever defects your iPad has that are covered under warranty will continue to be covered regardless of your online sports betting habits. That said, remember that when you send an iPad to Apple’s service department, they will not only have your device for a week or more, but they may have to reformat its hard drive. Always remember to save your personal data, pictures, passwords, and documents before shipping your iPad off for repair.

Where Can I Find Legal iPad Sports Betting Apps?

By Apple’s company policy, none should exist. However, the computing giant is less picky these days about what they allow on the US App Store or inside iTunes, so a few legal iPad sports betting apps have slipped past the company’s sensors over the last couple of years.

However, none of the big online sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes has had any luck getting any official app OK’d so far. Apple shows no signs of changing their policies to allow real-money gambling apps, either. The one exception to this rule concerns Daily Fantasy Sports, as Apple currently allows paid DSF gaming apps (like DraftKings and FanDuel) in its marketplace.

Is It Safe To Use Sports Betting Apps On iPad?

Absolutely not. This cannot be stressed enough: All of the legal iPad Sports betting apps that currently exist in the App Store are fraudulent services. Most of them are simple marketing scams, existing to mine your data once the app installation gives them permission to access your private files. Best case scenario, these apps take your personal data and sell it to Internet spammers and telemarketers. Worst case scenario, you end up the victim of full-blown identity theft. Neither outcome is worth it. You should avoid any iPad sports betting apps that you find on the App Store.

What Are The Best iPad Apps For Betting On Sports?

There are none. Yes, there are several legal iPad sports betting apps available in the US App Store, but none of them is legitimate. Their developers are impossible-to-trace shell companies or defunct firms, and their claimed services and fees are suspect. Most damning of all are the overwhelmingly negative reviews you’ll find from their victims, each one outlining one way or another that their money was stolen or their winning bets nullified. Don’t think you can “push” on a 10.5-point spread? Think again. Or just think ahead and stay away from these obvious scams.

Is My Personal Information Safe With iPad Betting Apps?

No. Any legal iPad sports betting app you’ll find in iTunes or the App Store is violating Apple’s developer standards, and giving these crooks access to the personal information on your most personal device is a bad idea. Why Apple doesn’t simply crack down on obvious fraudsters is a mystery. Suffice it to say that these days, the App Store isn’t quite as “safe” as it once was, and an app’s presence there no longer indicates any sort of oversight or quality control on Apple’s end.

Why Don’t Online Sportsbooks Have Sports Betting Apps?

Unfortunately, Apple currently does not allow any official legal iPad sports betting apps in the App Store. This means that the big legal online sportsbooks you know and love (and who actually have solid reputations of backing up their services with real money) cannot offer an actual iPad app. (Which is ironic, given how Apple allows smaller, financially questionable companies – and outright shams – to sneak their wares past the approval committee.)

What Is A Web App?

iPad Sports Betting AppsThe so-called “web app” is how legitimate online bookmakers get their mobile experiences out to iPad customers. In this context, a web app is an Internet-only application that doesn’t have to be installed – it’s basically a highly-optimized mobile version of a sportsbook’s website, sometimes even running in a modified browser frame. It features all the same links and information of the desktop version, but the menus and page layouts are generally different, designed around the specific screen constraints of your particular iPad (or other mobile device).

More basically, a web app is a mobile website that you save to your home screen. It presents its own launch icon amongst all your other apps, and you can tap that to go straight to your favorite legal sports betting action.

What Is The Difference Between iPad Apps And Web Apps?

The main difference between iPad Apps and web apps are that the former are locally installed and offline-capable. They aren’t just repackaged browser portals like web apps are, and they don’t necessarily need an Internet connection to work. Native apps are almost always a better, faster product than their web app equivalents.

However, there are downsides to native apps, too. For one, native apps are allowed much deeper system access to your iPad than web apps, which can let unscrupulous parties more easily harvest that data to sell to other crooks. Additionally, native iPad apps take up hard drive space, and most users don’t usually have that much to spare. Even 100 MB can make a difference when all you’ve got is a free gig or two.

Another thing you won’t get with web apps is push notifications for various moneyline changes and new odds posts, which some users might find useful. (Since you probably turn notifications off, though, this shouldn’t be a big deal.) Finally, native apps have to be structurally updated via a process that requires developers to submit each new build to Apple’s approval team. This means that any user interface adjustments take that much longer to be released or to be repaired. In this regard, legal iPad sports betting apps are at a distinct disadvantage to their web app counterparts.

Are Web Apps Faster Than Regular iPad Apps?

As far as content delivery is concerned (which is probably the chief consideration when it comes to sportsbooks, given the frequency with which moneylines and spreads can change), web apps are just as fast as regular iPad apps. However, because everything in a web app is web-based, the responsiveness of the product suffers in comparison to native offerings. This, more than anything else, is the main downfall of web apps – they’re just generally slower to navigate and less aesthetically pleasing than apps that run at the system level. They don’t “feel” as good.

Can I Just Use Safari Instead Of Web Apps?

Certainly. In a purely technical, literal sense, Safari is the best and safest of all the legal iPad sports betting apps out there. As an Internet browser, of course, it can pretty much be any kind of app you want. So if you’d rather just use Safari for your all of your gambling, it’s as simple as visiting your favorite sportsbook – just like you’d do on your home computer. You don’t even have to use their mobile layout if you don’t want to, and unlike the iPhone, the iPad is actually large enough to let you see all the small text you normally get in desktop mode.

The main difference between a web app and just using your browser is one of convenience. The web app is just one tap away, whereas getting to a given sportsbook through your browser might require three or four taps. It doesn’t seem like much, but when some odds are only on the board for a few seconds before changing, a little extra quickness can make you some serious money.

How To Install Legal Sports Betting Web Apps On Your iPad

Whereas legal iPad sports betting apps must be downloaded from iTunes or the App Store and then installed to your system, sports betting web apps are essentially user-created. You can make a web app out of almost any website you want, and it’s really easy. Lots of folks use this process as glorified browser bookmarking, and that’s what the big sportsbooks are counting on here – they’ve simply optimized an interface that lends itself to immediate action.

To create a web app version of your favorite online sportsbook, all you need to do is visit its mobile website. You can then select any page therein to be your launching point. If you frequently bet on the NFL, for example, you can choose the main NFL moneylines page as your web app origin. You could also choose your profile page, the site’s main news feed, its blog roll, and so on.

Once you’ve chosen your spot, look at the browser bar in Safari. Find the icon that looks like a square with an arrow rising out of it, tap that, and select “Add to Home Screen.” You’ll be given the option to name the web app whatever you want, and then you’ll be shown its icon among all your other apps. That’s it. Now, any time you want to place a quick bet, you can tap on the web app and go straight to the source. On iPad, you can even turn on full-screen mode inside Safari, giving the web app an even more polished look.

Are iPad Web Apps Safe To Use For Online Sports Betting?

If you are using a legitimate, trusted Internet sportsbook, then iPad web apps are perfectly safe to use for online sports betting. In fact, due to the inherent security benefits of iOS compared against platforms like Windows and Android, your iPad is probably the safest possible computer to use for legal online sports betting. Historically, Apple’s mobile devices have been far less susceptible to general hacking attacks than their competitors, which is one of the few true benefits of iOS’ closed ecosystem.

Can My iPad Get A Virus From A Web App?

Viruses are not particularly common on devices that run Apple’s mobile operating system, so your iPad is fairly resistant to the trend. In other words, you almost certainly won’t get a virus from a sports betting web app. (For that matter, you probably wouldn’t get one from a legal iPad sports betting app, either, albeit you should always stick to web apps as opposed to whatever shady garbage you’ll find on the App Store).

A word of warning: As more and more people use mobile Apple devices, more and more hackers and security firms are digging up new ways to hack and infect them. It may be only a matter of time before web apps as a concept are compromised, if only because they aren’t walled off from the larger Internet. Still, that day hasn’t come yet, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be here anytime soon.

Can Sports Betting Web Apps Ruin My iPad

As a rule, mobile websites – and by extension, web apps – will not ruin your iPad. No reputable online sportsbook will flood you with system-crashing pop-ups, and it’s not in these companies’ interests to have you financially fleeced. Remember, they want you to spend your money gambling on their sports betting products, not sitting idly by as some random malware victim on the Internet. Sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes are, in many respects, home to some of the safest websites on the planet. You can rest assured that their mobile sports betting portals will do right by you and your iPad both.

iPad Sports Betting Apps FAQs

Can I Use Sports Betting Web Apps With Any iPad Model?

iPad Sports Betting AppsYes, all iPads have the same operating systems and same Safari browsers built-in. This means that iPad Airs, iPad Pros, iPad Minis, and even plain-Jane iPad Regulars will all let you save sports betting web apps to their home screens. In fact, this is another way that sportsbook web apps are better than legal iPad sports betting apps, as updates to the latter often have compatibility issues with older iPads or iOS versions.

That said, the first few iPad generations are getting a little bit long in the tooth. Most online sportsbooks will have certain plugins or system requirements that will be partly incompatible with the first few iPad generations. Still, if you have a third-gen iPad (2012) or newer, you should be able to enjoy everything on tap – including animated casino games (which are, incidentally, a fun diversion in between the day’s sports matchups).

How Much Hard Drive Space Do Web Apps Use?

Almost none. This is one of the main benefits to using web apps instead of native apps, as web apps are quite literally the size of a browser link, data-wise. There is no program to install to your iPad, so you won’t be using up valuable hard drive space. And that’s a big deal, because hard drive capacity represents one of the major price-point differences between iPad models.

Should I Use Wi-Fi Or Cellular Data With iPad Web Apps?

Anytime you can use a reliable Wi-Fi signal on your iPad, that’s usually the way to go (unless it’s an unsecured public access point). Plus, since iPads are such multimedia powerhouses, you’ll almost always be browsing the web or watching Netflix at the same time that you’re betting on sports. All that traffic can add up, and cellular data ain’t cheap. Until unlimited plans are back in vogue, saving as much data against your cap is preferable.

Of course, some iPads don’t even have cellular antennas, so you might be limited to Wi-Fi whether you like it or not. Luckily, if you also have an iPhone, it’s easy to tether your 3G/4G/LTE connection to your iPad, which is a great choice for when you’re on the go.

Will Online Sports Betting Cause Me To Go Over My Data Limit?

Legal iPad sports betting apps and web apps don’t use very much data. If all you’re doing is betting, there are no videos to stream or high-res pictures to load, so the overall impact on your monthly data limit should be negligible. Add other stuff into the mix, though, and you’re better off with Wi-Fi.

One excellent argument for using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi is that cellular data often has a more sustained connection than Wi-Fi, nor is it nearly as susceptible to power outages and router issues. If you’re using your iPad for live online sports betting, you’ll probably want to use a cellular connection.

Will Online Sports Betting Use Up My iPad Battery?

Online sports betting web apps will not use up your iPad battery any faster than most other common websites would. (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all the legal iPad sports betting apps you’ll find on the App Store, where amateurish or malicious code can drain your battery like crazy.) Since sportsbook web apps typically have no pictures, videos, or pop-up ads, your iPad’s processor will only be minimally challenged. Less CPU load means less battery usage, so you should be able to gamble all night long. If you’ve got the money. And the Lionel Richie.

Can I Use Apple Pay To Bet On Sports?

You can’t use Apple Pay to do anything. Initially viewed as a kind of banking coup, Apple Pay has languished over the years. But even if Apple Pay were more popular, you still wouldn’t be able to use it with any legal iPad sports betting web apps. Due to the UIGEA, credit and debit card companies don’t always like to be associated with online sports betting. Such is doubly true for Apple, as they’re not willing to take on such potential legal liability.

Is An iPad Good For Placing Live Bets?

The iPad is not good for placing live bets – it’s great for it! Since live betting goes on throughout entire sporting events which may take several hours, you might have something else to take care of or someplace else to be. No problem! It’s easy to go out and about with your iPad, and it provides a large-screen mobile sports betting experience. Mobile betting and live betting were made for each other.

Is Apple Responsible If My iPad Loses Connectivity During Live Betting?

Whether you use legal iPad sports betting apps or go with a much more reliable sportsbook web app solution, Apple is not responsible if your iPad goes offline in the middle of a bet or causes you to miss out on a wager. Even if the cellular radio in your iPad is broken, Apple’s warranty will not cover any resulting lost transactions. Apple will fix the antenna or replace the cellular module if your iPad is still under warranty, but that would be the extent of their involvement.

Do Any Sportsbooks Have Special Features For iPad Users?

Not really. While iPad users may be accustomed to special features when it comes to apps in general, for web apps, it’s just a regular old tablet. It is possible that sometime in the future, online sportsbooks could bake deeper iOS integration into their web apps (like Touch ID fingerprint scanning instead of logging in, for example), but there’s no added interactivity that the iPad gets over other makers’ tablets right now.

Do iPad Users Get Special Deals At Online Sportsbooks?

No. New customers and established bettors will receive various bonuses through their favorite online sportsbooks, but iPad users don’t get any special deals. Without legal iPad sports betting apps to sell in the App Store, there is no real impetus for proper sportsbooks to spend time or money courting iPad users over all their other mobile customers. The knowledge that you’re betting on sports with the best mobile device in the world will have to be consolation enough.

Is The iPad Or iPhone Better For Mobile Sports Betting?

That’s a tough question. When it comes to legal sports betting web apps, your preference will likely depend on your mobile gambling habits. If you tend to be very active and constantly on the move, the smaller iPhone is going to be your go-to device for pretty much everything. However, if you like to curl up on the couch, lounge at your friend’s house, or do a lot of traveling, then the iPad, with its bigger, more comfortable screen and multitasking ability, will definitely serve you better. This is especially true if you like to browse the web, binge watch TV shows, or read books and comics. The iPad does every kind of entertainment, and mobile sports betting is no exception.

Should I Enable Find My iPhone For Extra Security?

Yes. Again for emphasis: Yes. If you enable Find My iPhone for extra security, you’ll be able to use your iPad’s GPS (cellular models only) to find your lost tablet. And if you’ve left it somewhere where it previously had a Wi-Fi connection, you can use that in much the same way. Additionally, Find My iPhone lets you remotely disable or wipe your iPad, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information – including the financials tied to your legal sports betting web apps – getting into the wrong hands.

For even more security, always use a password lock for your iPad. If there’s any chance whatsoever of your tablet turning up in authorities’ hands, you also want to make sure to disable the Touch ID unlock feature. Legal precedent holds that law enforcement does not need a search warrant to force you to use your fingerprint to unlock a confiscated mobile device. And although online sports betting is safe and legal, there’s no reason to give overzealous police free access to your private property.

Can I Use Other Apps While I Bet On My iPad?

Yes. This is one of the best reasons to use an iPad for all your mobile sports betting needs. Most bettors won’t just stare at a static screen all night while their sports bets are active. Chances are, they’ll want to look up sports news on the Internet, watch a movie, read a novel, play a game, or FaceTime their friends for the duration. Early iPads weren’t as good at multitasking, but for the last couple of years, it’s been a pleasure to use two or more apps at the same time. You can use split-screen, picture-in-picture, or background playback to stay entertained no matter what you’re doing.

What Other iPad Apps Should I Install To Help Me Bet On Sports?

For sports gambling, web apps are where it’s at. But while legal iPad sports betting apps aren’t any good, there are lots of other iPad apps and web apps out there that will help you make informed, savvy sports wagers. All major sports leagues have dedicated iPad apps, and you can fire these up to stay on top of any injury- or suspension-related information you’ll need as you consider various moneylines and futures. ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC all make live-video apps, which you can use to watch broadcasts of the biggest matchups. After all, if you’re big into live betting, you’ll need a quick, convenient way to watch each game you’ve got action on. You can also find a large selection of live-odds apps, so you can compare different sportsbooks and make the smartest wagers possible. You can even download Daily Fantasy Sports apps and use player consensus to guide your gambling.

There are also several websites that make excellent web app resources for the sports bettor. The family of data analysis sites comprehensively covers MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA sports, and outlets like Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy are good places to go for more recommendations and predictions. You’ll also probably want a banking app so you can track your credit and debit deposits, and a Bitcoin wallet like Blockchain, Bitpay, or Coinbase will streamline your cryptocurrency management.

And just in case you want to do a little risk-free side betting while you’re betting on sports, you can install a virtual gaming app like Big Fish Casino or Slotomania. Just don’t get suckered in by the in-app purchases, or they’ll end up costing you even more than the real thing.

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