States With Legal College Football Betting

If you are a NCAA sports fan, chances are you have questions about the states with legal college football betting. As there are not even a handful of states that offer legal college football betting at a local sportsbook, fans are unsure about their legal sports betting options. The confusion for most sports fans comes in when trying to determine exactly where they can legally place bets. Residents of Nevada and Delaware have some land-based sports betting options, but this brings about the question of if college football betting is permitted. Additionally, what about the NCAA football fans that live outside of these two states? We will give you a more detailed explanation as you continue reading, but generally speaking, you can bet on college football no matter which state you live in.

Finding out the states with legal college football betting is as simple as asking which states allow residents to use the internet. It may sound facetious, but if you can get online then you can also bet on college football. Online sportsbooks have legal college football betting lines on all of your favorite teams, with hundreds of different betting options daily. It truly does not matter which state you reside in, as the majority of US-friendly sports betting sites accept bettors from all 50 states. You can use this page as a guide to learn more about the legality of college football betting, and what to expect when you start betting on NCAA football online.

Is It Legal To Bet On College Football Online?

It is legal to bet on college football online at legitimate sports betting sites. Online sports betting is completely legal and is 100% safer than using a local bookie. The online sportsbooks that you should use are based offshore, licensed and regulated by a gaming authority located within their jurisdiction. The operators’ credentials permit the site to remain offshore while legally accepting sports bets from USA sports bettors. Chances are, your state has not even one law that addresses betting legal college football betting online. That is why when it comes to the states with legal college football betting, you are safe no matter where you call home.

Bettors who choose to go down this route will not have to worry about getting into trouble with the law – if indeed there are any laws that specifically mention sports betting or online wagering among their prohibited gambling activities. And if you choose to go with a reputable site like the ones that we have already mentioned on this page, you can know going in that you will get paid out the winnings that you earned.

But at the onset of this answer we did mention the issue of federal laws, for which they do regulate what can and cannot be done from the perspective of online sports betting in the United States. Further down the page we'll list out and briefly explain the key aspects of the sports betting laws that all bettors should be aware, because it paints the necessary picture to ease your mind about why using reputable offshore sites is the way to go.

The Laws That Regulate College Football Betting

There are laws that regulate college football betting, but not as many as you would think. State laws regarding college football betting are virtually non-existent in most cases, which has left most regulatory oversight to the federal government. The regulations that do exist are not specifically for NCAA football, but for sports betting in general. The three main federal sports betting laws are the Wire Act, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. You can read more about these sports betting laws in detail, but we can go ahead and tell you that none of these statutes make it illegal to bet on college football. The laws that regulate college football betting essentially put restrictions on where and who you can place bets with, but as you know from reading our page, there are legal college football betting options.

Betting On College Football In Nevada

Betting on college football in Nevada is big business. When you walk into a Vegas sportsbook during NCAA football season, all of the biggest sportsbooks will offer lines on upcoming games. You can bet on the moneyline, total, or point spread of almost any college football game throughout the season. We will say that there are a few benefits to betting online vs in Vegas. For one, there are limited betting options in terms of odds and accepted wager types at Nevada sportsbooks. For example, you will not find live betting odds on college football in Vegas. Nevada will offer college football props, but we can guarantee that there will be a wider selection of NCAAF props available throughout the season online. Whether you chose to bet on NCAA football in Nevada or online, you should feel confident in knowing that both routes are legal.

Betting On NCAA Football In Delaware

Though land-based sportsbooks do allow fans to bet on sports, betting on NCAA football in Delaware is not possible. The only type of sports betting permitted at brick and mortar sportsbooks within Delaware is on professional football. Furthermore, these physical sportsbooks limit patrons to betting parlays. In order to legally bet on NCAA football in DE, you can join an online sportsbook. There are several reputable NCAAF betting sites that accept residents of Delaware. These offshore sportsbooks also offer a full range of betting options, with game lines, props, futures, and more. The legal NCAA football betting in Delaware may be limited when looking for a land-based book, but you will have no problem using an online sportsbook.

Legal College Football Betting FAQ

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