Legitimate Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to sports betting online, there could be some hesitation about the legitimacy of such operations. This is probably because of the fact that no American-based sports betting sites exist legally. The result of such a stipulation means that for bettors to place legal wagers at operation sports betting sites, they must do so at offshore sportsbooks. The term 'offshore' in and of itself could bring about some reservation.

Well, this page exists purely to help alleviate any concerns one may have about doing business with an offshore sports betting site. As you read on, this page is not only going to cover some key aspects to identifying a legitimate online sportsbook, but it will also take the guesswork out by cutting to the chase with our list of known sports betting sites that can be trusted.

Are Offshore Sports Betting Sites Legit?

The answer to this question is pretty simple though, because sports betting sites are very legit. Some of the best sites in the world operate outside of the United States, even in the states that have sports betting, and that filters on down to online sportsbooks as well.

But don't just take our word for it, take it from a variety of other resources and outlets that regulate and validate the sports betting site industry, because there are many parties that do just that.

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Finding Legitimate Sports Betting Sites

For us to sit here and say that every site is completely legitimate that you come across would not be accurate though, because we have not visited every single online sportsbook in existence. What we have done though, is our research and playing of our own combined with account holder feedback. There are many legal sports betting sites out there, we choose to only associate with the ones that have repeatedly proven themselves to be trusted...the ones that serve a brand ambassadors for the online sports betting industry on the whole.

Furthermore, those sites that prove to be unworthy of our trust are easily found out and red flagged as blacklisted online sportsbooks. You want to be sure to do your research in signing up for an online sportsbook. Checking information on certification and licensing can be found at specific sites, as well as within the sites of the regulators themselves. A variety of scores and things of that nature will be available where prospective bettors are able to check out the standing of specific sites in the industry.

Want to make the determination of whether or not to use a legal sports betting site? You are certainly welcome to, but we do suggest that you take a peek at a few points that we've highlighted below in order to help aid in your decision. Following this checklist will ensure that you do not get stuck with a fly-by-night sports betting site.

What To Look For: Outstanding Payout Record

a very important aspect. Sportsbooks with a poor track record of paying players out are not sites that we associate with. Bettors can be very confident in the sites that they read about throughout SportsBettingStates.com that they are the best the industry has to offer, with years and years of impeccable service records. This definitely eases the mind, because you are dealing with real money wagers here and it's not something that a bettor wants to go in questioning.

Let's put it another way. The risk that you take when laying money down on a bet online is far greater than the risk you take wondering if you will be paid out by the sportsbooks we recommend. In other words, getting paid out is a sure thing. Winning the wager isn't a sure thing, as no bet is. But you want to ensure that if you win, you will get paid and that is certainly something that we guarantee with the sites mentioned.

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Legitimate Online Sportsbooks

Below are our recommendations of online sports betting sites that are legit, and they are the same ones we refer our personal friends to and trust with our own money. The sites listed on this page meet all the criteria we urge readers to stick to, and we are fully confident that they will meet or exceed all expectations. Without further delay, here are the legit betting sites we trust the most:

# 1


Licensed In Canada, Very Fast Payouts

Fully licensed and one of the most respected online sportsbooks in the industry, Bovada Sportsbook has created quite the name for themselves. And they haven't just done themselves a favor by being so highly regarded; they've made the online sports betting community legit. Bovada's licensed out of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, having been in operation since 2007.

The gaming commission in charge of overseeing Bovada operations has been in business since 1996. In that time, has become responsible for many site operations across the world. Outside of that, Bovada implores eCOGRA, which is based in London as a testing agent for games and bets made at sportsbooks. They ensure that sites adhere to the rigorous standards set down, for which Bovada exceeds expectations.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
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  • No DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV
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Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
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