Legal Sports Betting In Missouri

Do you love the fall because of football season and the money you make from Missouri sports betting? There isn’t anything like it when you put your picks onto a 5 team parlay and double up your bank roll. Don’t risk your money at some old casino playing slot machines, because I know that it wasn’t just blind luck that won me thousands, it was sports betting. Locals have the best estimation of the strength of teams like the Rams or the Chiefs and I know that they can use that to make money. In fact, if you live in this state, you’re able to bet on all the major sports leagues from all over the nation and on teams from around the world. There are thousands of lines and residents are getting their feet wet in Greenback River every day.

It wasn’t the original intent for online sportsbooks to take over the market, but last year only 9% of all profits collected by sports bettors were generated by land-based venues. It’s not that betting in Vegas isn’t a great idea, but the convenience of playing the odds online is worth it. There are billions staked every year by members at online sportsbooks and you can’t get any of it if you don’t ever sign up. There’s a huge different between bet makers and bet takers.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Missouri?

You don’t need to hire a law school graduate to decide if sports betting is legal in Missouri, because state and federal regulations are friendly to the average bettor. Have you ever tried to find a bookmaker in your city? You can’t drive anywhere in the state that will accept your bet because the federal government decided to lock down the availability of sportsbooks to a couple of states, Delaware and Nevada. What more could you want from a site that lets you play the odds on everything from the NFL to the MLB. Well the legal sportsbooks are on the internet, and you can access them from anywhere using your phone or your computer.

A couple federal mandates were directed at illicit bookmakers, and they’ve been effective in shutting down any unauthorized bookmakers around the nation. However, since these laws took effect, the online community of betting has been thriving. The federal mandates that set out to end the bookmaking in the early 90s were successful in limiting the availability of them nationwide and at the same time, many online books came out as a response to the federal government’s legal actions. Still today, states with sports betting adhere to these regulations and any domestic bookmakers, who are unauthorized to accept bets, will be subject to legal consequences. Online venues operate outside the jurisdiction of the federal government and they can’t be shut down by the whims of congress. If you’re a member of a reputable online sportsbook, you can expect it to stay in business for years to come.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Missouri?

Many states stick to following the laws set by the federal government, and sports betting in Missouri only received a couple extra provisions from the state. There are some really great options for parlays and money lines, but they only live on the internet since the state can’t authorize any land-based betting venues. I don’t suggest anyone in this state to start up their own sportsbook anyway, because they’re just asking for trouble with the authorities. Even though the state has some lingo to complicate sports betting for residents, it’s never ever enforced.

572.020. This section states that a person would be violating the law if they knowingly commit the crime of gambling. There are some exemptions and the rules that define laws like this one are primarily restricted to betting within the state. It’s important to note that laws like this one are not unique and many other states hold this view. The legal repercussions of doing business with online sportsbooks are minimal, and I have yet to find any records associated with wagering from your personal computer because enforcement is more concerned with putting illegitimate bookmakers in jail, not the casual bettors.

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Bovada Sportsbook - Does Bovada Accept Players From Missouri?

BovadaSports betting fans in Missouri have many different choices of home teams to bet on: the St. Louis Rams, the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Cardinals, to name a few. One of the best places to do all your wagering is Bovada, a well-renowned sports betting site that accepts all Missouri residents who are at least 21 years old. Bovada is a safe online sportsbook that offers more than just football and baseball, too. You can wager on motor sports, darts, cycling, handball, and many more, with wager types that include everything from straight bets to round robins.

Bovada has such a terrific reputation that you will never have to worry about getting in any sort of legal trouble. The site operates out of Canada and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission monitors it. It received the illustrious Certificate of Good Standing a few years ago from the Canadian faming commission. For more than two decades, Bovada has been providing its valued members with the very best in sports betting action. Players trust that Bovada will always be there for them when the chips are down. So don’t hold off any longer. Join now and see what real legal sports betting action feels like!

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Missouri

Is Online Sports Betting Safe in Missouri

There isn’t any reason to go hide in your closet, because using a sports betting site in Missouri hasn’t gotten anyone in trouble. There aren’t any federal laws that stand in the way of you and your internet bookmaker either, so go ahead and safely place your wagers on St. Louis this season. Since every bet you place is safely tracked electronically, you’ll never have to worry about losing that ticket and not being able to redeem your big win. You can always expect to get a payout that you can safely deposit in your bank.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In Missouri

When the state government allowed for riverboats to operate casinos along the waterways, they instituted a gambling age restriction to 21. Even though many online sports betting sites only ask Missouri residents to be 18 years old, it’s recommended that you wait until the state mandated age before placing any wagers online.

How Do I Find Missouri Sports Betting Sites?

It’s important to pick the right sports betting site for you if you live in Missouri, because there is a lot of competition out there, and some sites are better than others. We recommend some that are worth your time and money, and we suggest you check them all out because they each offer something a little different. In fact, the real sharps pay the bills by hedging their bets and playing multiple books. You may find your line at +185 on one, and +200 on another and getting a few extra dollars for the same bet is a good deal.

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List Of Popular Sports Teams In Missouri

Kansas City Chiefs

Missouri Tigers

Kansas City Wizards

St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Cardinals

Kansas City Royals

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Missouri

There are reasons why you should try an online sportsbook before you pack up the family to travel all the way to Nevada. The convenience of being able to place your bets on St. Louis or Kansas City without having to leave your living room is a big plus. Think about the money that you’re saving, and put a little extra down on the next picks. If you’ve got yours for the week then try placing them together on a parlay. This is a type of string bet that lets you place multiple wagers together, and if they all win, then your odds are compounded and you’re taking away much more money than placing each bet individually. If you’re not sure about the rules on each type, it’s probably best to do a little bit of research, because anyone who’s passionately playing the odds can take the cake with Missouri sports betting.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Missouri?

The answer is yes, and here’s why: it is considered a game of skill rather than a game of chance. Most state laws regard games of chance unfavorably, but games of skill are a different story. It takes a considerable amount of knowledge of team history and statistical analysis to play daily fantasy sports. Although it has been in the news a lot recently, it is still kosher in Missouri.

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As of now, DFS is excluded from the definition of “gambling,” and therefore does not have to follow the regulations of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This law limits monetary transactions by online gaming sites. It is a rather divisive law, passed in 2006 without being read by anyone in Congress. Since DFS is a game of skill, it is legal and you will not be punished for playing.

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports- Does Fanduel Accept Missouri Players?

BovadaSince 2009, FanDuel has been providing daily fantasy sports fans with top-quality entertainment. Whereas with traditional fantasy sports you could choose only one team for a whole season, daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel allow you to choose a new team for every game. Some of the these contests have an entry fee and some are free. While some DFS sites focus on one or two specific sports, FanDuel offers all kinds, including NFL, baseball, and basketball.

Payouts at FanDuel are quick and easy. Some tournaments are guaranteed, which means that they will always pay out, no matter how many players join the contest. These guaranteed tournaments are marked with a blue “G.” Another type of contest is the 50/50, which awards prize money to anyone who finishes in the top half of winners. Finally, head-to-head contests pit one player against another. These are just a few of the great games you can participate in at FanDuel.