Legal Sports Betting In Louisiana

Ever wanted to win something nice, like a new johnboat to cruise the bayou in? Well, if you knew about the Louisiana sports betting options, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that big tickets are paying out thousands to winners from all over the parish. There’s nothing like a low country boil and a bet on the home team to set the mood for a perfect Sunday in the swamp. They say, there’s something different about the hospitality of the Big Easy, maybe it’s the laid-back lifestyle, or maybe it’s just the love of the Saints. There isn’t any team in the country that is as beloved by their fans in the country. Use the local handicap you’ve honed from watching every play to make the smart money at these sportsbooks. When the oddsmakers come out with their weekly numbers, they don’t always get it right, and you can use your in depth knowledge of LSU or the Saints to jump on that line and make bank.

If you’ve never tried to take advantage of the competition and bet on sports before, now is the right time for you to try. It’s right for wagers on the NFL, the MLB, or the NBA, and every year, bettors generate billions. So why are you waiting? It’s possible for anyone from this state to get into the action, and the best place for you to get your feet wet is definitely not some land-based casino, like Harrah’s. Your best choice for a parlay in the parish is at an online sportsbook. Have you ever heard the network anchors report on the spread and wondered where to bet against it? You can online. Have you heard about the over/under before? It’s where you add the points of the teams and take a guess. Just ask yourself, will they score more or less than that? The options for different wager types are on the internet, and like always, getting started won’t cost you a penny.

Louisiana Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Up To $250
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 100% Up To $300

Is Sports Betting Legal in Louisiana?

As an experienced bettor, I can tell you that joining a legitimate book won’t cause you any problems in Louisiana. It isn’t really that important to know each and every law, because the current provisions don’t include legal consequences for bettors. Neither state nor federal government have any interest in stopping your $25 bet on the chalk, but the prevalent laws of the land are decades old federal mandates and many states with sports betting continue to adhere to these national regulations instead of legislating their own responses.

To avoid pursuing a countless number of individual bettors, the congressional leaders left them alone. The main focus of government entities in Louisiana became stopping illicit sportsbooks and unauthorized gambling. There’s an undeniable difference between you, your $100 bill, and your bet on the game this weekend. Manuel, the unregistered bookmaker who’s swindling people for thousands and running off with their money, is the type of person they are looking for. This example demonstrates exactly why law enforcement wants to shut these people down. Right now, guys like Manuel are criminals, but you aren’t, even if you take that buck and turn it into a dime using an internet bookie. The distinction between placing wagers and facilitating them is undeniable, and even courtroom prosecutors can’t argue against that.

The best books accept bets from any person that is legally old enough to gamble, and living within the United States, because there is a huge difference between using a sportsbook located domestically and one that’s located overseas. The landscape of government laws keeps the feds from standing between you and your internet books. Not only that, foreign national sovereignty keeps the US government from shutting these online books down. The governments of the web-based sportsbooks say they are “legal to operate,” and gaming commissions regulate their business practices to uphold fair standards on all their responsible organizations. You’ll see that many of the best sites are hosted from Latin American countries and use industry leading software to follow all applicable bookmaking and gaming standards.

State Laws Regarding Legal Sports Betting In Louisiana

The states have problems passing their own laws to counteract national regulations, but until they do, try an online sportsbook for that legal way to bet on sports in Louisiana. The laws of the federal government step on the toes of state sovereignty by limiting the bookmaker industry and establishing itself as the sole authority capable of approving any new gaming organizations. Fortunately, the state code says absolutely nothing about the casual bettor, meaning you. The federal enforcements go after bookmakers, leaving you with no legal problems to worry about. Here are the only applicable state laws that apply, and you’ll see that they focus on the operators, not the players.

§90. “Gambling” is defined in this section. It says nothing about the individual bettor, but defines the term instead, as the conducting or direct assistance in the conducting of a business where a person makes wagers for a profit. There are clear outlines for what fits the description of a criminal operation and the penalties associated with it.

§90.2. “Gambling in public” This section is pretty clear and to be straight forward, if they catch you rolling dice in the alleyway or taking bets in the mall parking lot, you’re probably going to jail. They don’t like gambling in any way in view of the public or people at large, and law enforcement will swoop in to break it up. It’s best to just make your picks online or using your mobile phone.

§90.3. “Gambling by computer” Let’s not confuse this law with the ability to place bets at an online sportsbook. Remember, that gambling is defined as the operation of any betting or wagering enterprise and this law clearly impedes anyone interested in running an establishment that makes money from players by using their computer network to play Vegas-style games online. Commonly, they are called internet cafes, and right now, they are on shaky legal ground.

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Does Bovada Accept Players From Louisiana?

Home of the NBA Hornets and the NFL Saints, Louisiana is known for its outstanding professional teams, but it is also a sports betting mecca to fans. Bovada is the most user-friendly modern sportsbook to date. This site does not just boast about how awesome it is. They prove it. Bovada offers a wide range of features, services, and rewards that are unique and different from the sports betting sites that you are used to. The mobile betting feature for example, allows players complete and total access to the entire site on your phone. This feature also lets you engage in live in-game betting, this means that you can wager throughout the event right up to the end of the game.

Bovada provides all members’ access to 24 hour a day customer support with anything and everything. The service team is ready to resolve and problems, answer any questions, and provide step-by-step instructions on everything from how to place a bet, to making a deposit. Bovada also rewards their players in a variety of ways, most notably by providing bonuses to both new and loyal members. The $250 welcome bonus is for new members, and it to help them by increasing their accounts. This is just a boost, and you are not required to take a bonus. However, if you do take this or any of the other bonuses offered know that you should read all of the terms for each one. Convenient, helpful, and rewarding; that is sports betting with Bovada.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3.5 Stars
Fees: Rated 3 Stars
  • Accepts US Players
  • Tons of Games
  • Deposit/Withdraw with Bitcoin
  • Massive Bonus!
  • No DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV
  • Higher Fees
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Will BetOnline Take Players From Louisiana?

BetOnline is the premiere sports wagering site for Louisiana residents. If you want to be able to place bets on all your chalk teams and not have any limitations on wager types, this site has everything you are looking for and then some. Players can also manage their accounts and make deposits with a wide range of options. Funding your account is very important and obviously necessary in order to play, so having the most convenient and hassle free deposit methods is must. Making a Deposit with BetOnline is simple and most members prefer the credit card option, as your transaction goes through in seconds.

Once you are ready to make a deposit, you are eligible for a special reward. This reward can be one of the many bonuses available. The 25% welcome bonus can add up to $1000 to your deposited funds. They also have lifetime bonuses and free-play bonuses that you can take advantage of. You do not have to take a bonus if you do not wish to, but if you do, you should read all the conditions of your bonus. Payouts are also another equally important transaction, because players should be paid their winnings. BetOnline makes payouts just as easy as deposits and has a large list of options to choose from. Louisiana natives should go with the sports betting site that has safe and secure financial transactions, and BetOnline is that site.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 4 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Best Bonuses
  • Great Lines
  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Mobile Betting
  • No NJ, NV, NY
Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Louisiana

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Louisiana

  • LSU Tigers
  • Tulane
  • New Orleans Saints
  • New Orleans Hornets
  • Louisiana-Monroe Indians
  • Shreveport Mudbugs

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Louisiana

There’s something about betting sites that are worth checking out, and residents are going to be happy to find all their favorite teams have great lines on the internet. I believe in the real ability to make money online because I’ve been winning thousands every fall, and I know that if you have knack for pro sports, there’s a good chance for you make thousands as well. There aren’t any reasons to avoid sportsbooks, and when the convenience of connecting to one from anywhere sinks in, and you realize you could drop a dime and a deuce at the same time, ah, there’s nothing better. Pick your favorite team, even if it isn’t the Saints or the Tigers, and you’ll find the lines available. There isn’t any better way to stay on top of your tickets, so try any Louisiana sports betting site for that edge to make a name for yourself, like Billy Walters.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Louisiana?

Louisiana is one of the few states where the laws are very harsh, even when it comes to daily fantasy sports. The state code describes gambling as risking the loss of anything of value for the chance at making profit. So currently, daily fantasy sports fits this definition in this state, although there have been recent attempts in the House and Senate to exempt DFS from Louisiana’s definition.

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In June of 2015, Rep. Joseph Lopinto tried to get HB 475 passed. This bill would exclude fantasy sports from the state’s definition of gambling. Unfortunately, the Senate Judiciary Committee gutted the bill. However, the fight may not be over, and the state might see some changes in 2016. HB 475 has its proponents, including two of Louisiana’s most popular sports franchises, the Pelicans and the Saints.

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Does FanDuel Accept Louisiana Players?

FanDuel is one of the most popular daily fantasy sports sites on the web. It offers both paid entry contests and free tournaments. Unlike traditional fantasy sports, at FanDuel you can pick a new team for every game. More than a million members use FanDuel every single week. The site always pays out on time and in full.

In Louisiana, there are limitations for joining FanDuel. Opponents and proponents of daily fantasy sports are fighting it out in Congress, though. HB 475 was just introduced, which would exempt fantasy sports from the state’s definition of “gambling.” Although Louisiana residents might not be able to enter into the paid tournaments, they can sign up for the free contests, which delivers all the fun of regular daily fantasy sports, except that you can’t win any money, of course.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Easy Interface
  • East Deposits and Payouts
  • Massive Tournaments
  • Great DFS Options
  • Not Available In All States