Legal Sports Betting In New York

BetOnline Online SportsbookResidents of the Empire State have a lot of great opportunities when it comes to New York sports betting. If you are lucky enough to live in NY, you have many pro teams to bet on. Unfortunately, land-based sportsbooks are nowhere to be found in the state. You could drive to Delaware where sports wagering is permitted, but the books there are pretty limited as far as the kind of sports you can bet on and what time of year it is. This leaves only one major option: an online sports wagering site.

I don’t want to give the impression that online sportsbooks the “next best thing” to land-based books. On the contrary, online betting venues are actually superior to their brick and mortar counterparts in some ways. First, they are obviously very convenient. You don’t have to spend hours driving to a casino and dealing with annoying drunks or sleazy gambling junkies. You don’t have to waste money on overpriced hotel rooms and watered-down drinks. Second, online betting spots give you bonuses that save you lots of money. You won’t find this at a land-based venue. Third, you have many more options when it comes to sports to bet on. Besides the usual football, baseball, basketball, etc., you can bet on e-sports, politics, and even entertainment. You can see why residents in states with sports betting still flock to online sportsbooks.

Is Sports Betting Legal In New York?

Yes. Although there are no state-approved books in the Empire State, there are plenty of legal online betting options. Any New York resident of age is allowed to bet online. All you have to do is create an account. There is no law that prevents you from doing so. There are laws on the books that prevent sportsbooks from operating inside the United States, which is why all the sites that we suggest are based in other countries. None of the laws that regulate bookmaking apply to these webpages.

In fact, the only law that really affects overseas betting venues is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and it only affects internet-based activities. The UIGEA places limits on how money can be transferred from one account to another, and under this law, credit cards cannot be used to make a withdrawal. Other than this one small restriction, overseas betting pages operate unhindered and unmolested.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In New York?

New York is actually one of the top ten states for legal betting in general. It is regulated at the state level. According to section 5-401, illegal wagers made on games of chance are not allowed. Basically, what that means is that you are not allowed to make an unlawful bet. Not much is said regarding sports wagering. Because of federal law, though, it is not to be found in the state. The only mention of anything relating to sports betting is in the definitions section, which says that bookmaking means making the odds and taking bets.

This language is pretty vague. It seems to say that accepting bets “in a casual or personal fashion” is not considered bookmaking. The language makes a distinction between “personal” and “accepting bets from members of the public as a business.” This suggests that the sports wagering is okay as long as you aren’t running an underground wagering business. In other words, the individual player is not targeted for prosecution.

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SportsBetting Online SportsbookNew York residents have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to sports betting. Not only is the Empire State home to some of the most popular teams in America, but any New York resident who is at least 18 can go to to win big and save even bigger! At, there is never any worry of anyone getting in trouble, because it is a legal and licensed site! Based out of Panama, it has been one of the leaders in the online sportsbook industry since 1991.

Since functions outside of the US, it is exempt from the iron grip of American law. New York residents will not get in any trouble for using the site, because there aren’t any laws that target individual players. There has never been a single documented case of anyone getting in arrested for using Joining doesn’t cost a dime and it only takes a few minutes of your precious time. You are required to give the site some very basic contact info, and from there you can make as many deposits as your heart desires. Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by. Sign up today and get ready to win big!

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BetOnline Sportsbook - Will BetOnline Take Players From New York?

BetOnline Online SportsbookThe first international sports hero was boxer and Staten Island resident Bill Richmond in the late 1700s. Boxing is just one of the many sports you can bet on at 5Dimes, the online sportsbook for the discerning bettor. It’s not just your average, mediocre sportsbook. It gives you tons of options when it comes to odds and wagers. For example, it is one of the few sites that lets you buy points. If you aren’t hip to the idea of point buying, you can pay a certain amount of money and add points to the underdog or take away points from the favorite in order to widen the spread and increase your chances of winning.

Another rad feature of 5Dimes is the reduced juice bonus, which gives you half off on the interest. The reduced juice bonus works on every bet you make. It is the ideal feature for the sports betting regular. There are other bonuses as well, like the 50 percent new player reward, which gives you half off on deposits between $100 and $400. 5Dimes has so many great features that other sportsbooks seem prosaic by comparison. Join today and see why all the real New York sports fanatics go to 5Dimes whenever they want to put their money down on their favorite teams.

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  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of New York

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In New York?

Yes, for several reasons. We’ll start with the legal aspects. Empire State law is not nearly as harsh as some other states when it comes to betting. Since playing the odds is a popular pastime in NY, the laws are not as draconian as they are in other parts of the country. That’s kind of a moot point anyway, because the books that we suggest do not fall under US jurisdiction. The other components of a safe sportsbook are security-related. You don’t want to join a sports wagering page that can easily be hacked into, and the ones we’ve found include measures that prevent identity theft, such top-level encryption and password protection.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In New York?

New York is one of the few states in which the legal betting age is up in the air. In every state, the age limit is always going to be somewhere between 18 and 21, with 21 being the norm. In NY, the age varies depending on what part of the state you are in. The best thing to do is check with your local legislators to find out exactly how old you have to be, however, as long as you are over 18 you should be fine.

How Do I Find New York Sports Betting Sites?

You can find online betting pages everywhere. In the past ten years or so, betting sites have been popping up like weeds. Unfortunately, most of them are just that: weeds. Never fear, for we have weeded out all the books that don’t cut the mustard. The wagering spots we’ve found offer the most extensive books and accurate odds in the biz. And they are available to any New Yorker who is old enough to play the odds.

Rank Legal Sports Betting Sites USA? Rated Sign Up Bonus Bonus Cap Bet Today:
1 Bovada Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Cash Bonus $250 GET STARTED
2 BetOnline Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% up to 1k! $500 GET STARTED
3 SportsBetting Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Free Play $500 GET STARTED
4 BetDSI Legal USA Sports Betting Site 4-Stars 100% Bonus $500 GET STARTED
List Of Popular Sports Teams In New York

New York Giants (NFL)

New York Jets (NFL)

New York Yankees (MLB)

New York Mets (MLB)

New York Knicks (NBA)

New York Rangers (NHL)

Buffalo Bills (NFL)

Buffalo Sabers (NHL)

Buffalo Destroyers (AFL)

New York Islanders (NHL)

MetroStars (MLS)

New York Liberty (WNBA)

New York Dragons (AFL)

Syracuse Orange (CNCAA)

Army Black Knights (NCAA)

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In New York

If you live in NY, you’re pretty lucky, because it’s one of the best states for legal betting. The state laws are relatively relaxed. As long as you are of age and are using a secure internet sportsbook, you don’t have anything to be scared of. There are all kinds of great places on the internet for playing the odds. Now that you are a little more familiar with sports betting in New York, it’s time to get down to business and start getting that green.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In New York?

Anyone who wants to play daily fantasy sports in New York with their buddies down at the bar, or hop online to win bragging rights by playing in free leagues, can do so in this state without running into any legal consequences. However, with the recent developments in 2015, the Attorney General of New York made daily fantasy sports sites rethink their business after receiving an injunction from the local government. Many sites have decided to stop accepting state residents for cash prize contests, but still offer their players the chance become members and play in free contests.

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The state of New York is citing a new opinion that daily fantasy sports are violating their current laws against games of chance by lumping them in with casino games like roulette and craps. The state of NY has equated the daily leagues to games of chance, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Fantasy sports require a great amount of knowledge and don’t require any bets or wagers to be made by the players. In fact, even the federal government’s major anti gaming legislation of the new millennia, the UIGEA of 2006, has given permission for fantasy leagues to operate outside of the same regulations of casino gaming.

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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports- Does DraftKings Accept NY Players?

DraftKingsEven with the recent developments involving the state of New York and daily fantasy sites, eligible players in this can still become members at DraftKings and play in the daily or traditional leagues for real cash prizes. If you have enough skill and dedication, you can make thousands of dollars over the internet by putting together statistically perfect lineups and going up against thousands of players from all over the state and from around the world. If you join today, you can enter into this week’s contests for all the major American leagues and put together lineups to win first place.

There are many different contests at DraftKings and they are going to help any newcomer fit right in. Beginner leagues let the noobs start putting together lineups without getting routed by the professionals who know exactly how to play and who to run. Fantasy pros have the option to take their lineups into championship series by winning qualifier events along the way. The world championships have top prizes of millions and the big enthusiasts play year round to win their tickets. You can start today and get your chance at cash prizes by checking out the best New York daily fantasy site, DraftKings.