Legal Sports Betting In Wyoming

If you’re living in the flyover state, far away from the nearest place to walk in and lay down your money on the Broncos or the local boys, don’t worry, because you will find that Wyoming sports betting is thriving. Thousands of players from this state have already joined online books because the atmosphere is friendly towards bettors. Figuring out the best sites will drive anyone crazy, but luckily you found us before you’ve gone completely insane. We’ve got the inside information as to which sites are truly the best for residents of the Equality state, spots to place bets and build real wealth.

There’s a big distinction between a bettor and a bookmaker, and government officials don’t want to you know how simple and safe wagering on sports really is. You should also know that players from all over the world win billions and since the state coffers don’t get a piece of the pie; politicians are attempting to restrict your ability to take a small (or large) part of this cash cow. Luckily, there are plenty of places to do it legally. Right now, there is no reason to sit on the sidelines while everyone else in the world plays for real cash.

Wyoming Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Up To $250
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 100% Up To $300

Is Sports Betting Legal In Wyoming?

If you’re questioning the ability to place wagers legally, I wouldn’t be surprised. The truth is, residents in Wyoming can start sports betting as a hobby today as long as they are old enough. What if I told you that there are lines on teams from all over the nation, from NFL to rugby. It’s possible that you know this already, because online sportsbooks have millions of members and you might be one of them. However, you are here for a reason; to know the best place to find a legal moneyline. It’s possible that you’re looking for places to find better odds, because it pays off to sign up with multiple sites and shop around. They all offer something different, and anyone who old enough can play the odds and make it interesting. Did you know that online sportsbooks have more wager types than many land-based venues, beyond the spread and the over/under? Sports news media outlets constantly report the spread, and while Vegas might be the ones writing the odds, they aren’t the ones with the fastest lines.

Anyone placing bets online should be aware of the wire act. It does contain some harsh language, but when you read about its history and the provisions, you’ll see that it has no impact on you or any other Wyoming bettor. When the Wire Act, a federal law, was implemented back in 1961, they had no idea that technological networking would explode and produce a vast, worldwide communications network. Modern prosecutors cite this law whenever the police bust up an illicit bookie, but even the best lawyer can’t indict a casual bettor under these legal definitions. While the government focuses on ending the business of domestic bookmaking in most states with sports betting, individuals can go online and use international websites to play their picks for the week. The perks of legal online sportsbooks is how they operate from foreign nations. The US government has a right to enforce their restrictions as far as their borders, which makes the best internet sportsbooks untouchable. In addition, while the feds maintain their stance of no domestic bookmakers, they aren’t really interested in standing between a player and an international website. The Wire Act simply restricts online bookmaking in most of the US, but does not extend outside of the country.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Wyoming?

The state regulations don’t pose any threats to casual gamers, as I’ve mentioned, but Wyoming politicians did write a few sections to outline their stance on sports betting operations. There aren’t any penalties for placing bets online, but if you’re considering a career as a bookmaker, you might want to go back to school for a degree of some sort. In other words, you can’t set up a sportsbook here, but you can use legal sites all you want. The national regulations don’t consider any individual bettor a threat to anyone, and have only been targeting illicit bookies and syndicated crime. The proof is in the pudding, only one state statute includes any provisions for anti-betting, and nothing outlines the use of internet bookies or the individual revocation of wagering liberties.

6-7-101: This is a general law dedicated to outlining all the gambling terms. Gambling is defined as the act of risking any property based on a contest of chance, but doesn’t include contests of skills. The outlines of this are primarily for bettors in the state using some local venue, and do not apply to using any sports betting websites.

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Does Bovada Accept Players From Wyoming?

Wyoming residents look forward to football season when the NFL Broncos and the WU Cowboys play, and they also get excited about wagering on them at sports betting sites like Bovada. This wagering hub is one of the most popular and trusted sites because it is legal and free to join. Bovada has up to the minute lines on all the amateur and professional sports in the US, as well as Canada, Australia, and Europe. You can find every type of wager, from straight bets, to teasers, to point buying, in addition to futures and prop bets.

Bovada has an extensive and comprehensive sportsbook with a user-friendly feel that attracts not only professional bettors, but also novice players looking to get in on the action. They offer amazing bonuses, which create increases to your bankroll, giving you more opportunities to bet. Their $250 welcome bonus is available to new players and can be redeemed after a first deposit. This can instantly boost your funds and will be accessible within minutes after your transaction. Another reward that Wyoming residents can take advantage of is the refer-a-friend bonus that gives you a 200% increase each time you invite a friend. This is a lifetime bonus, so you can use it over and over again. Sign up today with Bovada, the sports betting site that welcomes all Wyoming players.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3.5 Stars
Fees: Rated 3 Stars
  • Accepts US Players
  • Tons of Games
  • Deposit/Withdraw with Bitcoin
  • Massive Bonus!
  • No DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV
  • Higher Fees
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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

SportsBetting is the #1 sports betting site in Wyoming when it comes to rewards and special features. This site has everything a professional bettor is looking for, but also helps new players get on their feet and get in on the action. SportsBetting offers wagers on all your chalk teams from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA, as well as over 20 other leagues. Sports from around the world are included on this site, and that gives you over a thousand ways to win. Sign up today and join the ranks of Wyoming sports fans that are winning thousands every week.

They offer more ways to play than most betting sites out there, like with their mobile betting app. This app allows you to wager from your smart phone, and bet from anywhere you want. One of the best parts is there is no download or annoying notifications that junk up your phone or drain your battery. Mobile betting lets you manage your account and browse like you can on a desktop without being tied down. Request a withdrawal or make a deposit, or try the live in-game feature through this app that lets you wager throughout any game until the end. The possibilities are endless, so if you live in Wyoming try SportsBetting the sports betting site that gives you the most options and the best features.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 5 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Great NFL Wagering
  • Fun Props
  • Live Betting
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • No NJ, NV, NY
Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Wyoming

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Wyoming

  • Wyoming Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Utah Jazz
  • Seattle Seahawks

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Wyoming

Wyoming is a state with a luscious natural landscape, a variety of hardy people, and a veritable boatload of sports betting action. You might think that there would be virtually no action because no professional teams make this state their home, but that is simply not the case. Thousands of players are signing up to get their picks in every week, and you can too. Sports bettors generate billions of dollars every year and there’s absolutely no reason to waste your time on sites with terrible odds and bad customer service. Pick carefully from the list of our recommended books because we’ve never gotten an unfair shake from them, and any problems we have had were solved quickly by native English speaking representatives. We solved our problems by giving them a call, but look, if you like to use the internet, you should check out their live chat option to handle anything that comes up. I promise you, when you try any of the Wyoming sports betting sites you’ll find nothing but upstanding businesses trying to do right by their members.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Wyoming?

It sure as heck is. In Wyoming, any state resident who is at least 18 can play daily fantasy sports til they are blue in the face. You may have heard some negative things recently about DFS sites. This is nothing more than politicians trying to tell hard-working Americans what they can and cannot do. Luckily, only a few states have passed resolutions outlawing fantasy sports, and Wyoming is not one of them. The reason that DFS is legal in most states is that it is thought of as a game of skill instead of a game of chance.

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The main law that allows daily fantasy sports sites to operate inside the US is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This 2006 law restricts the types of monetary transactions that online gaming sites can do. However, since DFS is not considered “gambling,” it is exempt from the law. There is even specific language contained within the UIGEA that gives special permission for daily fantasy sports sites to operate legally.

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Does Draftkings Accept Wyoming Players?

When it comes to reputation and overall quality, DraftKings is the ruler of the roost. No other site has been endorsed by more organizations than DraftKings. They are a Boston-based company that offers the very best in games and tournaments, as well as bonuses for everyone. They have an enormous selection of contests for you to take part in. DraftKings is not your typical fantasy sports site. Unlike traditional fantasy sports where you had to wait an entire season before choosing a new team, at DraftKings you can pick a new team every time you enter into a contest.

Funding your account is very simple. The two methods you can use are credit/debit card and PayPal. Credit and debit card types include Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. If you use PayPal, you can have money transferred directly to and from your account. Withdrawals take less than 48 hours to process. For more information on deposit and payout methods, simply visit DraftKings online. You will be tickled pink that you did!

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Big Tournaments
  • Create Leagues
  • Free Contests
  • Easy Line-Up Exports
  • Confusing Rewards
  • Tough Competition