Legal Sports Betting In Virginia

Do you feel that itch on Sundays when it isn’t football season? Don’t you just wish you could get back to turning that one day into a ritual of sacrifice, barbeque, and Virginia sports betting? Do you live for the weekend, just so you can put your money on the line, in hopes that the Redskins blow out the competition? Then you already know how much fun it is when you win a +155 line and take that huge payout to the bank. We’re betting right along with you, and residents in the state can use their local handicap to gain exposure, smartly. If you aren’t sure what any of that means or where to start, then you’ve already made one good decision by checking out this page, because you have a lot to learn and we can help you understand where to play your picks. You can follow in the footsteps of Billy Walters because experts of this industry can make real money, but it’s important to be smart about it, and know where to wager safely and legally.

When online bookmakers started building their networks back in the early 1990s, they had no clue about the success that would follow, and now these websites have grown into multi-million dollar sportsbooks that generate untold sums of money, every year. They became the best way for residents to play the odds. In addition, the financial gain is invaluable, and most state governments don’t realize it. The amount of dollars draining from the state’s economy every year to online sportsbooks is mind blowing, but if the state coffers don’t want a piece of that cow, that’s their prerogative. As long as they aren’t stopping anyone from placing bets online, money will continue to flood your pockets when you join in.

Virginia Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Up To $250
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 100% Up To $300

Is Sports Betting Legal In Virginia?

Yes, Virginia is one of the many states with legal sports betting. These sports betting sites enable people from all over the nation get into billions dollars’ worth of NFL action every year, and every one accepts Virginia residents. What else do you do when state and federal laws restrict domestic bookies? The government isn’t concerned with individual players at all. Additionally, the local cops don’t scare away online bookmakers because they are hosted in foreign nations, outside of the jurisdiction of the US government. Plus, they are authorized and willing to receive the most up-to-date lines in the business. Their books include lines for all the teams from the big four leagues, as well as college ball and amateur/exotic sports.

It’s quite easy to find a spot that will legally take your bet, but you have a long way to drive if you want to put their money down in person. Nevada is 2400 miles away, and is the only state with a legitimate bookmaker on almost every corner. We don’t understand why the Commonwealth can’t be the second betting state in the future, but currently, you’re can’t find land-based bookmakers anywhere on the east coast. That’s too bad for that shady guy named Manuel, who’s wants to make a buck by scamming the locals at some gaming room for a cigarette and a greasy double-or-nothing against the Redskins. Fortunately, for the rest of us who want to follow the law, there are many spots to make money safely even though we’re so many miles away from the nearest legal brick and mortar betting hall.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Virginia?

It takes just a few minutes of your time to read through the laws and understand the current atmosphere of wagering in the commonwealth. There are hardly any local laws to govern sports betting in VA, so the state government follows the directions of the federal laws. The state isn’t allowing anyone to operate betting venues currently, and it doesn’t appear that congressional leaders are looking towards changing their stance on the industry. Recently upheld, § 18.2-325, states, define illegal gambling as placing a bet within the commonwealth. While, there are many provisions to try to restrict bookmaking, this is one of the few laws to say anything about an individual placement of some bet. It’s important to note the unique qualifier in the middle of the law, which limits the jurisdiction of this law to exchanges made “in the commonwealth.” The legal sportsbooks are hosted internationally and this means that when someone does business with them, they aren’t dealing with any business or organization inside the commonwealth. No one breaks this statute when using a well-respected internet bookie.

Furthermore, neither the state nor the federal government are all that interested in invading the privacy of the citizens. We have many legal defenses against unreasonable searches, and it’s our right as Americans to play games of skill. Plus, the state statutes include a castle provision that adds exceptions to their anti-betting laws and gives residents a valid legal defense. Section § 18.2-334 states that it is lawful to wager in a private residence. This has stripped legal enforcement from Virginia investigators and court room prosecutors are completely unable to indict a resident for placing bets online if they were inside their home or anyone else’s private residence.

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Does Bovada Accept Players From Virginia?

Do you know what it feels like to have enough money to live out the rest of your life in luxury? Well if you sign up to Bovada, you could gain access to the lines that can make it happen with Virginia sports betting. This site is an incredible deal that features more than twenty different categories for betting. This site has been in operation since 1991 and they’re hosting their service from the US’ closest ally, Canada. The Kahnawake Gaming commission is a key player in keeping the betting system fair and balanced for all members, and Bovada is one of their highest rated clients.

There’s an amazing opportunity for anyone to get a generous offer on their deposits. Bovada is offering all new members a chance to build their bankroll by opting into the welcome bonus when they fund their accounts for the first time. How does getting an extra 25% bonus, up to $250, to use in the sportsbook sound? That’s the deal that every new player can get by just giving Bovada a try. Take the money and run the table, try out this fantastic sports betting site for Virginia residents.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3.5 Stars
Fees: Rated 3 Stars
  • Accepts US Players
  • Tons of Games
  • Deposit/Withdraw with Bitcoin
  • Massive Bonus!
  • No DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV
  • Higher Fees
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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

There’s no way you should consider a life without a membership at Do you need a legal spot to do a little sports betting in Virginia? This bookmaker has been in business for nearly 30 years and they're accepting players today. There aren’t any fees to join either, just make sure that you’re over 18 years old and you are gravy. You can start making money like the pros in no time by playing the odds of your favorite teams in any of the pro or amateur leagues. I guarantee you’ll be able to find the hottest teams in the nation and from around the world, and placing your bets is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Every sportsbook under the sun is going to give their players some great offers to start off. does too and newcomers have a generous 25% match for their first ever deposits. This sportsbook doesn’t stop the appreciation there, and gives their returning players many more chances to win cash by providing them an extra 25% in free plays on every deposit after the first. It’s called a “Lifetime Bonus” and if you’re down to play the odds with this sportsbook, you can expect to make more bets because you’ll be piling up free plays just from funding your account.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 5 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Great NFL Wagering
  • Fun Props
  • Live Betting
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • No NJ, NV, NY
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Will BetOnline Take Players From Virginia?

BetOnline has been offering residents a great place to go for all their Virginia sports betting needs. We know if you live in the eastern seaboard, you might want to play the odds on the Redskins and the chances are good for you to make money using a combination of betting styles. Local fans always have the advantage of a handicap by knowing and following their favorite teams and if you follow the stats, that could be the edge that makes you a little extra cash this season. Since 90% of sports betting is done through internet bookmakers, you can be sure to find plenty of action on any all major pro leagues as well as college and foreign sports.

The greatest part about online bookmakers is how they aren’t governed by the same domestic laws that restrict bookies from opening up shop in most of America. BetOnline operates out of the Republic of Panama. They accept legal players from every state in the United States. Best of all, you don’t even need to be at home to play because this site can grant you access to your account from the palm of your hand. You can connect to the sportsbook from your mobile phone and play the odds or make deposits, just as if you were sitting at your kitchen table on your computer. Stay up on all your favorite teams and make some money, even while on the go, with this incredible site.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 4 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Best Bonuses
  • Great Lines
  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Mobile Betting
  • No NJ, NV, NY
Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Virginia

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Virginia

  • Washington Redskins
  • Virginia Cavaliers
  • Virginia Tech Hokies

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Virginia

You’re going to see that there isn’t any way possible to make money as easy as this. If you watch a lot of sports like I do, than I know you already have the edge it takes. Betting isn’t just a game of chance, and while people do get lucky, it’s the sharpest players that win consistently every year. I would suggest that you take the time to look over each and every site recommended by us, because some of them have some great advice on how or when to bet, plus, some really fantastic information on the many different betting styles. String bets, over/under, and spread bets are very common. If you aren’t sure, it’s not shameful to ask what the rules are exactly of each kind of bet, and the books we recommend come with helpful pages to explain. When you go online, you’ll find that there is an amazing community of bettors, and just like you, they are curious how to put their money to the best profitable use. Trust me, I’m passionate about playing the odds, and I know anyone can use Virginia sports betting to make thousands of dollars, just like I do every year.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Virginia?

If you’re living in the Commonwealth, you’re able to play in any kind of Virginia daily fantasy sports league. They range in length and commitment, but you’re going to have the option of playing daily or traditional yearlong styled contests. The daily tournaments are a legal way for someone to hop into fantasy sports and make their money without having to start in the preseason. It isn’t for the weak hearted though, because daily sports require you to draft the right players from the same pool as everyone else and turn that into a winning combination.

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Fantasy sports remain a game of skill and Virginia recognizes this point. They haven’t changed their classification of DFS from the federal regulation’s description in the 2006 law, the UIGEA. Even the federal government determined that fantasy sports should be exempt in the same anti-gambling laws that prohibit money transfers with unauthorized bookmaking. They ruled it to be a game of skill then, and until the laws change, players in Virginia can play in any daily fantasy sports league.

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Does Draftkings Accept Virginia Players?

One of the newest daily fantasy sports site in Virginia, DraftKings, blows away their competition by offering their members a chance to win the biggest cash prizes in the industry. Everyone knows that this site has the largest player base in the US and because of that, they’re offering the largest prizes to date. The millionaire maker tournament this year has millions of dollars going to the top spot and it only takes a will and way for every day people, like yourself, to make it. This site offers an assortment of beginner leagues to cut your teeth on, plus qualifier contests to see if you have what it takes to run with the big dogs.

Plus, draft kings aspires to give their players all the chances to win that they need. Newcomers can receive a 100% bonus match on their initial deposit. The bonus fills your account slowly as you play through more contests and accumulate frequent player points. These FPPs are exchanged for real cash and automatically loaded back into your funds. You can play more contests for the same money when you try out your perfect lineups at one of the very best sites for Virginia daily fantasy sports.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Big Tournaments
  • Create Leagues
  • Free Contests
  • Easy Line-Up Exports
  • Confusing Rewards
  • Tough Competition