Legal Sports Betting In South Dakota

You’re going to find a rich landscape and valuable resources in this flyover state, but did you know that South Dakota sports betting has an esteemed reputation of rich action? Even oil tycoons and big business revenues can’t stack up against the billions generated worldwide by bettors every year. If you have the knack for it, put your sports knowledge to the test and take huge payouts to the bank, because the best online sportsbooks are accepting players from South Dakota. You might even make enough money to quit your job at the oil field, because you could possibly win prizes big enough to pay the bills. There are millions of players placing bets and there’s plenty of money to go around. You can get into this action safely if you live in the state.

There are many gaming operations in South Dakota and they, along with other large domestic gaming enterprises, are trying to get their state congress to repeal the strict restrictions on land-based sportsbook venues. The lobbyists are succeeding slowly by making sports betting more available to residents. Meanwhile, resident gamblers grumble about their non-existent in-state betting lines. While the lawyers in Pierre sort things out, sports bettors have turned to the internet and started logging into great books for S .D. residents. These sites are free to use and they provide lines on teams from the professional and collegiate leagues to bettors in South Dakota. You’re going to find that online sportsbooks have more odds and different wager types on each competition than most of the alternatives. Experienced players from all over the state have multiplied their bankrolls with successful parlay bets by stringing together multiple wins at these sites, and you can too.

Is Sports Betting Legal In South Dakota?

Yes, sports betting is legal in South Dakota, and the state government has no interest in prosecuting individual bettors for placing wagers. Wagering online is prevalent everywhere and there aren’t any prohibitions on using the right sports betting site. Land-based sportsbooks are not available in this state because of the professional and amateur sports protection act passed by the federal government back in 1992. Now, most players need to do their betting online. When the feds passed this law, they restricted the availability of land-based sportsbooks to only a couple states, Nevada and Delaware. The state congress of South Dakota didn’t decide to fight this ruling. The best option for the thousands of players from this state is placing wagers online.

Fortunately, the state laws of S. Dakota like most other states with sports betting don’t prohibit international sports betting sites from doing business with their residents, and none of the federal laws add legal consequences for individuals placing bets online, no matter if they are living. The governments in this country are concerned with stopping organizations from bet taking, not individual bet making. You can take advantage of this great legal opportunity to do some wagering for real money online. You can’t find any sports betting outside of the internet in South Dakota, but this service is freely available for all state residents. You could spend thousands in travel expenses to place bets in Vegas, but if you’re living here close to Mount Rushmore, just save the money and use an online sportsbook to get in on some action on all the teams from the NFL, the NHL, NBA, or MLB. You will even find college sports and amateur leagues as well. There’s no need to travel anywhere when you can get legal sports betting at your kitchen table.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In South Dakota?

Even though the South Dakota laws regarding sports betting include some anti-gaming provisions, you’ll never be arrested for placing bets online. Many of these laws are impractical and never enforced. The laws regarding sports betting laid out the provision 22-25-1, which states that gambling can carry the charge of a misdemeanor, are not to be worried about. Firstly, they are never going to investigate and prove you’ve been wagering at internet sportsbook, and the statistics back this up. There has never been a single person charged for wagering at any of these sites. We scoured the internet and could find no records or indication that they’re actively prosecuting online bettors.

This government’s stance attempts to protect bettors from unscrupulous bookmakers, and their main goal has been to shut down unlawful operations. Back alley bookmakers make thousands of dollars off the record, and are set up to scam their patrons and run off with the pool. The state government implemented another law that only targets these kind of bookmakers. Section 22-25A-7 says internet wagering by a person engaged in the betting business is wrongful. Again, it’s important to understand that laws like this are not targeting players, only the operators. The language of this law is tricky, but it’s only focus is on those who are engaged in operating gambling businesses. In addition, South Dakotans can use the internet to place bets with international sportsbooks because these websites are hosted from foreign nations and are not affected by any of these state laws. While local businesses are prohibited to operate books, the sports betting sites have accepted many American players and bets for well over a decade. So check out online sportsbooks for South Dakota residents and place your bets today.

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Bovada Sportsbook - Does Bovada Accept Players From South Dakota?

BovadaSouth Dakota fans are divided when it comes to NFL teams the Vikings and the Broncos; however, they are not split when it comes to sports betting with Bovada. This is the #1 choice for bettors in the state, because they offer everything from great lines, to valuable rewards. They take care of their players, and residents have seen this first hand. Memberships in the state run in the thousands, so join for free to hone your skills and reap the benefits of your sports knowledge.

Sports betting is a skill that not all have mastered but it is safe to say that South Dakota bettors are the exception. Bovada has created an outlet for fans and provides a comprehensive chalk full of teams, leagues, lines, types, and wagers, in addition to giving out rewards and bonuses to players that add up to hundreds in savings. This is why this book is a top-shelf betting venue. Why settle for less when you can be a part of something great. You can stay united as a state through your love and enthusiasm of the games, while playing in friendly competition and winning huge. The best place to do this is Bovada, so sign up!

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SportsBetting Online SportsbookThere is a lot to do in South Dakota, but sometimes you get bored, so why don’t I make a suggestion? Why don’t you fill your time doing something fun and profitable like sports betting! There are thousands of sports fans in the state, and many love to bet in friendly wagers with family and friends. However, using a site like you can win thousands, and yes, even millions. They have hundreds of betting options, so you will never be bored again. Every league and team you can think of has lines, and will be getting them before other sites so that you have the advantage. It is free to sign up and you only have to be 18 to join. also has features that only members can use, like mobile betting. Mobile betting lets you gain access to the whole site, and lets you manage your account from the palm of your hand. Want to make a deposit or withdrawal your cash prizes? This app lets you do that all from your phone. Need to check on your bets or make one while the game is still going on? This app has the live in-game feature that lets you do just that. is the high-tech, and user-friendly wagering site for all South Dakota residents, so browse around and read testimonials or sign up right now, you have nothing to lose.

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of South Dakota

Is Online Sports Betting Safe in South Dakota

Sports betting websites shouldnít give you the heebie-jeebies, theyíre all safe and theyíll never get you in trouble for placing bets. Youíre not winning any funny money from the best betting sites either, youíre winning real dollars and if you snooze, you lose. Say ìLater Taterî to the belief that sports betting isnít safe because these sites protect your identity and account with secure networks and unbreakable encryption. BetOnline has millions of users from all over the globe and thousands just from South Dakota. Itís safe enough for them and itís definitely safe enough for you.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In South Dakota

The laws in South Dakota require residents to adhere to the gambling age of 21. Sports betting websites only ask their users be at least 18 years old, but itís recommend to wait until 21 in order to totally follow all the laws and avoid any penalties. The online sportsbooks are going to ask that you verify your credentials before payout, so report your age accurately when you sign up.

How Do I Find South Dakota Sports Betting Sites?

Donít spend any time googling the sports betting websites because the ones we found are the best ones to use. Weíve done the research and made sure that these sites are never going to scam you. Theyíve got huge international player bases and you can get started with just a click of the button. The best internet betting sites turn moochers into millionaires. Just ask Billy Walters if itís possible to turn yourself into a millionaire with sports betting. Heíll tell you that he did and the sports betting sites helped him get there. If you ask him if heís using online sportsbooks, heíll say that he isnít, but thereís no way you can believe that. Heís got more money than tied into sports betting than you can shake a stick at and 93% of the betting action world wide is generated through online markets. These sites work for anyone in America and they are the best way for anyone in South Dakota to make bets.

Rank Legal Sports Betting Sites USA? Rated Sign Up Bonus Bonus Cap Bet Today:
1 Bovada Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Cash Bonus $250 GET STARTED
2 BetOnline Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% up to 1k! $500 GET STARTED
3 SportsBetting Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Free Play $500 GET STARTED
4 BetDSI Legal USA Sports Betting Site 4-Stars 100% Bonus $500 GET STARTED
List Of Popular Sports Teams In South Dakota

South Dakota Coyotes

Denver Broncos

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Wild

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In South Dakota

Youíre going to find that sports betting websites are kick ass and their value puts any land-based sportsbook to shame. Youíre not going to get the same kind of bonuses from an online sportsbook in Vegas or anywhere else and the value of betting online far outweighs the cost of traveling around the country. You canít get Vegas-style books in South Dakota unless you use the internet and youíll find that the websites are giving away huge incentives to entice new members. The sites are way more generous than American bookies and when you sign up to online sportsbooks, youíll have the choice of match bonuses or free plays on the sportsbook. Sports betting sites have match bonuses that pad your bank roll from the get-go. Some books have rewards like a 100% match on your initial deposit and there arenít any reason do business with a company that doesnít value your dollars. Take a few minutes and decide whatís best for you, because I canít list any more reasons why you would actually pass up legal sports betting in South Dakota.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In South Dakota?

Yes, in South Dakota, daily fantasy sports is legal. None of the recent controversy surrounding DFS has stopped millions of people from playing. The bottom line is that, according to the language of the law, daily fantasy sports is considered a game of skill, NOT merely a game of chance. The difference is that DFS takes considerable sports knowledge; it isn’t simply tossing the dice and seeing what happens.

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The main question is whether DFS falls under the definition of “gambling,” and according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), it does not. In fact, the UIGEA explicitly excludes fantasy sports from that definition. Millions of people belong to DFS sites, and that number keeps growing and growing. NHL, MLB, and NFL all support it. Currently, there are only a few states where it is not allowed.

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports- Does Fanduel Accept South Dakota Players?

BovadaOne of the oldest and most well established daily fantasy sports sites is FanDuel. It has been steadily growing in popularity for years. It has an endorsement from MLB, NFL, and NBA. Players can choose from a wide selection of games and contests, from sports pools to one-on-one tournaments. It does traditional fantasy sports one better by allowing you to pick a new team every week. This way, you aren’t stuck with the same roster for months at a time.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why FanDuel is better than other daily fantasy sports sites. For one, they pay out tons of money, over $2billion per year. You could be one of the lucky players to take home a piece of that pie. Contests range from guaranteed tournaments (marked with a blue “G) that pay out the full amount of the prize pool, regardless of how many people enter, to head-to-heads, which are contests between just two people. For more information on the various tournaments you can enter, visit FanDuel today!