Legal Sports Betting In Texas

Hitting the jackpot is fun and you’ll be grinning ‘til the cows come home at all the money you win from a Texas sports betting site. Just so you know, you can bet on everything and the odds are forever in your favor. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and even golf have thousands of lines and people of this state are putting their money down today. If you’re a Cowboy, you’re going to find the best odds, because America’s team is a chalk line every week. Sports betting isn’t just blind luck, it takes dedicated knowledge and an attention to detail, and which other team in the US has fans as devoted as the Dallas Cowboys? We know the fans in this state are going to have an edge and they can use that to make thousands from betting on sports.

It’s obvious that Texas state legislature has no real clear position on the sports wagering occurring in the state, and that’s good for us. There’s tons of betting on the NFL and the NCAA happening every day and the state law enforcement hasn’t lifted a finger (not that they have any reason to). Sports bettors in the Lone Star state don’t do anything unlawful when placing wagers, so the police never have to leave the donut shop. The internet is home to some fantastic sportsbooks and these websites accept bets, from Americans, around the clock.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Texas?

Sports betting is legal in Texas and that fact is not changing any time soon. Our state laws are written by elected congressional representatives and ratified by Texan voters. Currently, it seems both parties have emphasized their satisfaction with the current freedoms. The congress doesn’t seem to be moving into a direction of adding any restrictions on sportsbook use and this state’s residents can take advantage of that. We’ll explain more on the state’s stance soon, but it’s important to note they aren’t the only entity making decisions on the legality of betting on sports.

This state’s government has to conform to the needs of the US government, and unfortunately, federal laws supersede the wants of state residents. The United States congress passed a bill and it affects betting houses nation-wide, no matter what the state’s opinion may be. PASPA was passed in 1992, and the professional and amateur sports protection act prohibited unauthorized betting venues from operating. The feds have the ability to dole out their authorization for bookmaking to states that apply for them, and currently only Nevada and Delaware offer state-licensed bookmaking. Texan residents won’t be able to walk into any land-based sportsbook, but who cares? As long as internet wagers remain legal, the web will stay America’s home for sports betting, and it’s way better than some lavish land-based venue anyway.

Anyone willing to accept bets in the country is either living in Nevada or running the risk of violating federal mandates, but anyone who decides to place bets hasn’t broken any laws. If you’ve never tried betting online, you risk missing out on winning real money for a much needed Hawaiian vacation. International sportsbooks are legal because they exist outside the jurisdiction of the US and state governments. It’s fortunate that the best online sportsbooks are hosted by foreign nations and do business internationally. The American government wouldn’t hesitate to stop them in a heartbeat if they ever tried to base their services here, and domestic bookmakers are extremely rare to find because of strict enforcement. Every day, the government spends money on police offers and the investigators shutting down illicit bookmakers, but there isn’t a single officer investigating John Smith’s $50 bet he made on the Cowboys using an internet betting site. That’s because law enforcement can’t. Officers in Texas have no legal backing to indict anyone for placing wagers online, because people like John Smith have never violated any state statutes for playing the odds online.

Legal Texas Sports Betting For The Mayweather Vs. McGregor Fight

Bovada SportsbookIf you’ve been searching for legal Texas sports betting for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, look no further. Bovada, BetOnline, and several other legal online sportsbooks have all the odds you could ever want. While you should sign up for multiple sportsbooks to shop the best lines, one thing is true at each and every one of them: Mayweather is a heavy favorite, but his odds are narrowing. Likewise, McGregor’s odds are growing more and more unfavorable by the day.

Bovada SportsbookIf you think Mayweather will win this epic megafight, you should probably wait until the day of the show to place your bets. His odds could come down another 100 points or more from where they currently sit at -400. If you’re a McGregor fan, though, now’s the time to reap maximum returns on an unlikely Irish knockout. And if McGregor somehow wins by decision, you could make several thousand dollars off a $100 bet. If you go that route, just be sure to invest in a green pair of trunks.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Texas?

I know Texas residents love big wide-open spaces and the incredible freedom that comes with living in the middle of country and the state laws reflect their love of liberty. No one tells Texans what to do, but the state government has tried with their limitations on in-state sports betting. The state code § 47.02. outlines that a person is breaking the law if they are involved in the business of betting. The government created all this jargon to restrict sports betting and other gambling offenses, but included many specific legal defenses for state residents. In short, the law exists to limit the in-state bookmaking options and while residents can’t travel down the road to some betting venue, they can freely bet within their private residence. This includes all forms of internet wagering, and almost all of the best online sportsbooks accept Texas residents.

Residents in states with online sports betting have never been in trouble for using internet betting houses because the laws include exceptions for private residences. Online sportsbooks allow any Lone Star state resident to place bets on the NFL or the NCAA and the state government has never stood between residents and international betting networks. This doesn’t mean you should start hosting your own books and facilitating all the bets from your friends though. The laws from the state government aren’t designed to indict individual bettors, but the authorities have deliberately targeted bookmakers. Casual bettors are left alone to do what they wish inside their homes. Very few states hold the belief that the government can’t invade personal home privacy, but state law enforcement is never going to violate your space to look through your internet browsing history. What you do in your own home in Texas is your business, and we still haven’t found any court records to suggest otherwise.

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Bovada Sportsbook - Does Bovada Accept Players From Texas?

BovadaFor Texas sports fans nothing is bigger than football, except maybe wagering on it. Fans need a sports betting site that understands them, and Bovada is it. When you hear the chants and raves of fans from the stands for the Cowboys, you know they are America’s team, so why not wager with the #1 US sportsbook. Bovada is the place to be for “Friday night lights” and gives players the advantage with early betting lines, great odds, and lucrative action. They are a legal entity, and respected in the gaming industry, even endorsed by varies sports agencies and prominent media outlets.

Bovada has all the straight bets, teasers, pleasers, parlays, if-bets and any other wager type you know and love. You will find the all the pro Texas teams like the Texans, Astros, Rangers, Mavericks, and Spurs, not to mention all the collegiate teams. Texas residents can also take part in the best in betting features and bonuses at Bovada. These specials can give you the edge and jack up your account funds by thousands. Come to the site where fans get competitive betting at its finest.

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  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus - Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

SportsBetting Online SportsbookTexas is full of die-hard sports fans, and now residents can do more than just passively watch a game. welcomes all residents to wager real money, and signing up is free as long as you are 18 or older. If you’re looking for a well respected, and legal betting site that will give you the most options in deposits/withdrawals, rewards, and betting features, then look no further. This is the “home sweet home” of wager types, lines, etc., and you can kick off your shoes and be confident that you’ve found your sportsbook for life. They provide tons of sports in all different leagues from all over the globe, and especially all the Texas teams no matter how amateur or pro they are.

This site gives you the option to wager in the most convenient ways, with features like mobile betting. The app lets you carry your book in your pocket and gives you total access to the entire site. From the palm of your hand, you can manage your account settings, and make deposits and request withdrawals. You can also utilize the live in-game feature that lets you wager and place bets while a game is still going on, right up until the clock runs out. Any Texas resident that loves to wager on sports should sign up free with post haste.

Deposit Methods Payout Methods Bonuses Mobile Play Live Betting
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BetOnline Sportsbook - Will BetOnline Take Players From Texas?

BetOnline Online SportsbookBetOnline is a legal sports betting site for all Texas residents to use, and many have already joined. Wagering on games is a huge pastime for fans in the state, and fans love their teams. Neighborly wagering among friends and family is great but you cannot win millions of dollars that way. BetOnline offers over a thousand different ways to bet, including exotic wagers. They also list all odds before most competitors that are days or even weeks before the competition. This site also has a vast sports section, with teams and leagues that are popular in the US, Canada, Europe, and all over the map.

Most betting sites have some sort of reward or bonus; however, this site has the promotions page to beat all others. For starters, they have a 25% welcome bonus, which will add a substantial boost to your account and is redeemable with your first deposit. After you reap that reward, you can sign up for the 25% lifetime bonus, which will juice your account every time you make a qualifying deposit. If you like this or any other reward offered to players you will need to enter in a promo code that is listed on the promotions page. You are not required to take a bonus, it is simply provided to members to increase their bankroll and enhance their playing experience. Texas residents can sign up free with this sports betting site, so log on and check out the promotions page. You will not regret it.

Deposit Methods Payout Methods Bonuses Mobile Play Live Betting
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Money Order
  • Bank Wire Transfer
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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Texas

Is Online Sports Betting Safe in Texas?

A good healthy dose of fear motivates people to unbelievable heights, but there isn’t any reason to fret over placing bets on sports in Texas. The laws aren’t nearly as tough as politicians want you to believe, and since state and federal governments are concerned with prosecuting an online sports bettors, residents can log in to place their bets and safely win real money. Just remember, law enforcement has much bigger fish to fry than John Smith’s $50 bet on the cowboys.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In Texas?

Texans can start placing wagers at the tender age of 21 when they visit local casinos. While betting sites only require their members to be 18, it’s recommended to wait until you are of drinking age age in order to fully comply with all state statutes. While you should be safe either way, taking every precaution is always the smartest move.

How Do I Find Texas Sports Betting Sites?

You’ve found the best review written by sports aficionados and we’ve been playing the odds online for years. We have all the info about the best sports betting websites you can use. These online books have generous odds and faster lines than Vegas bookies. Sharp bettors know the best spots to make real money, and we feel confident that the online bookmakers will satisfy you completely. Don’t book that trip to Vegas just yet, because you can find even better action in the comfort of your own home.

Rank Legal Sports Betting Sites USA? Rated Sign Up Bonus Bonus Cap Bet Today:
1 Bovada Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Cash Bonus $250 GET STARTED
2 BetOnline Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% up to 1k! $500 GET STARTED
3 SportsBetting Legal USA Sports Betting Site 5-Stars 50% Free Play $500 GET STARTED
4 BetDSI Legal USA Sports Betting Site 4-Stars 100% Bonus $500 GET STARTED
List Of Popular Sports Teams In Texas

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Stars

Houston Astros

Houston Rockets

Houston Texans

Rice Owls

San Antonio Spurs

Texas A&M Aggies

Texas Longhorns

Texas Rangers

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Texas

When it’s all been considered, there isn’t any reason why Texas residents should feel like they’re breaking the law by placing wagers online. It’s awesome how there are thousands of lines available from your internet browser, and that no one needs to travel half way across the country for odds on the Texans, the Longhorns, or the Cowboys. Online sports betting will save you hundreds in travel costs and bonuses from these sites will stretch your dollars further. When new players join up, they can opt in for incentives that will add up to a 100% match on initial deposits. Get more chances to win just for placing your wagers through the internet betting sites.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Texas?

Yes. Texas residents can play daily fantasy sports all they want. There is no law that says otherwise. In fact, DFS is specifically protected by the law. It is considered a game of skill, so it does not fit the law’s definition of “gambling,” which is characterized by a game of chance. If you live in Texas and are at least 18 years old, daily fantasy sports is perfectly okay.

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The only law you need to be aware of is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or the UIGEA. This is the major law that affects online gaming sites, but luckily it does not apply to daily fantasy sports, which are skill-based. Although some states are trying to include DFS under the definition of “gambling,” the UIGEA specifically says it is not. As of now, daily fantasy sports is legal in most states, including Texas.

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports- Does Fanduel Accept Texas Players?

BovadaFanDuel is the daily fantasy sports site that started it all. Since 2009, it has grown in size and now includes millions of members. It even has offices all over the entire world. Unlike some sites which are targeted toward specific sports and leagues, FanDuel includes football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. It has some very easy funding methods, including debit/credit cards and PayPal.

At FanDuel, you can take part in many fun and exciting contests and games, including guaranteed tournaments. These are indicated with a blue “G.” What this means is that they are guaranteed to pay out the full amount of the prize pool. It doesn’t matter how many players join the contest; the prize pool will never by altered. If you would rather just play against one other person, you will love head-to-head contests. Or, check out 50/50 tournaments, which award prize money to any player who finishes in the top half of the contest. With so many great options, it’s no wonder FanDuel is the number one site for daily fantasy sports!