Legal Sports Betting In Kansas

Legend has it that Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickock kept the peace in rural Kansas in the 1800s. Who knows what would have happened if online sportsbooks had existed at the time? Maybe outlaws wouldn’t have been killing each other so much because they would be too busy with Kansas sports betting. When residents of the Sunflower State want to play the odds, they don’t bother going to a land-based book in Vegas. After all, why travel to Delaware or Nevada when online sports wagering is so easy and convenient?

Consider the differences between online and land-based books. Online betting sites give you access to all the same sports, odds, and wager types as land-based venues, only you don’t have to deal with all the undesirables you’d find on the Vegas Strip. Online books are in some ways better than land-based. They give you very generous promotions and bonuses as both incentives to join, and rewards for loyal members. You can even take the action on the go by accessing the mobile betting feature.

Kansas Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Up To $250
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 100% Up To $300

Is Sports Betting Legal In Kansas?

Yes. While there are some federal laws that prevent states from sanctioning sports wagering, these laws do not have any bearing whatsoever on the books that we review. In fact, the only way these federal laws affect sports wagering venues is that they must function outside of the United States in order to be legal. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Rest assured that these websites are legit. They are not constrained by the contingencies of laws like the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

You’re probably asking yourself what PASPA is. It’s a law that was written in 1992 which prevents states from being able to regulate sports betting. Two states (Delaware and Nevada) do have state laws permitting sports wagering. Any US citizen who is old enough may go to these states and wager on a game. Unfortunately, no other states have that same privilege, although New Jersey has been fighting against PASPA in the US Court of Appeals. The day may come when all states have their own books, but until then, overseas sites are the way to go.

State Laws Regarding Sports Betting In Kansas

There is no mention of bookmaking or sports betting anywhere in the Kansas State Constitution. Section 3 prohibits lotteries in general; section 3a permits bingo games; section 3b allows horseracing; and section 3c grants state-approved lotteries. The next part of the State Constitution (21-6403) defines terms related to gambling. All of these clauses are general rules and regulations of which every state resident should be aware.

Section 21-4305 says that commercial gambling is a felony. The next two sections (21-4306 and 4307) prohibit the manufacture or possession of a gambling device such as a slot machine. The law pretty much stops here, though. The Sunflower State does not go into extreme detail as some other states with sports betting do when it comes to what’s legal and what isn’t. The thing to remember is that regardless of what the state or federal laws say, overseas books are not affected and it is perfectly fine to use them.

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Does Bovada Accept Players From Kansas?

Kansas was once home to the NCAA and the state is embedded with sports history and museums, so it is safe to assume that there is are a lot of fans that want to wager some cash. Come be competitive in the open with Bovada, a legitimate sports betting site that Kansas residents have been flocking to for years. Football, especially NFL is huge, with the amazing Chiefs being the unanimous favorite of state fans. Loyalty means everything to Kansas residents and it means a lot to Bovada, who makes sure that members are rewarded and taken care of. They take customer satisfaction serious, and representatives are on call 24/7 to help players and resolve any issue or questions.

Kansas residents can expect only the best value with this sportsbook. They have an assortment of bonuses that players can utilize to gain an added boost to their accounts and increase their number of bets. New members can get the $250 welcome bonus with their first deposit. I know that Kansas bettors have lots of friends and each time you refer one to Bovada you can get a 200% bonus to your account. You can refer as many friends and family as you want and reap the benefits. Each bonus at Bovada has conditions and you should check those before you redeem one. Kansas residents that are still on the fence about sports betting should sign up free with Bovada, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3.5 Stars
Fees: Rated 3 Stars
  • Accepts US Players
  • Tons of Games
  • Deposit/Withdraw with Bitcoin
  • Massive Bonus!
  • No DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV
  • Higher Fees
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Will BetOnline Take Players From Kansas?

The Kansas City Chiefs hold three AFL championships and it is no wonder why the entire state has mad love for their football team that has enflamed a passion for betting. If you want a sportsbook that will do the Chiefs, and all your other chalk NFL teams justice with the best odds, and lines then BetOnline is your site. This venue is known throughout the gaming industry for its fantastic reputation and plethora of wagering options, as well as having a legitimate and licensed book. They are open and welcome all players from the Kansas area, this site is free to join. I would encourage you to at least give them a chance and browse the entire site, you are sure to find something to peak your interest.

Among many of the wonderful things about this site, BetOnline offers some of the best bonuses and rewards in the business. No one is required to take a bonus and you should read all the details for each bonus, however if you do take advantage of one of these amazing bonuses this can boost your account exponentially and give you tons of opportunities. For new members to the site, you qualify for the 25% welcome bonus after you make your first deposit, all you have to do is enter in the promo code listed under the bonus description. The bonus can add upwards of $1000 in funds to your balance. Kansans that want good clean gaming with tons of rewards, then join BetOnline the sports betting site of a lifetime.a bookie, you needn’t worry about the laws. It’s not as if anyone has ever gotten in trouble simply for placing a wager on a sporting event. If this were the case, sports wagering would not be the $400 billion dollar industry that it is. So don’t be scared. Get comfortable, relax and sign up with an online sportsbook. You know you want to.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 4 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Best Bonuses
  • Great Lines
  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Mobile Betting
  • No NJ, NV, NY
Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

Latest Kansas Sports Betting News

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Kansas

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Kansas

  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
  • Denver Broncos (NFL)
  • Colorado Rockies (MLB)
  • Denver Nuggets (NBA)
  • Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
  • Kansas Jayhawks
  • Wichita State Shockers
  • Kansas State Wildcats

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Kansas

Kansas residents are pretty lucky because the law doesn’t say anything that explicitly prevents sports wagering. There is no law, either state or federal, that has to do with individuals making bets. In fact, all of the laws have pretty much the same general purpose: to prevent mob-related criminal organizations from engaging in bookmaking activities. Unless you plan on being a bookie, you needn’t worry about the laws. It’s not as if anyone has ever gotten in trouble simply for placing a wager on a sporting event. If this were the case, sports wagering would not be the $400 billion dollar industry that it is. So don’t be scared. Get comfortable, relax and sign up with an online sportsbook. You know you want to.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Kansas?

Many options are available for Kansas daily fantasy sports contests, and residents of this state can join in both traditional and daily leagues to tout their favorite rosters. It’s fun to play, but there is some dispute on the legal nature of fantasy gaming, but not in this state. They’re allowing all types of fantasy sports contests, including traditional leagues, daily leagues, head-to-head match ups, and 50/50s. Did you know that you can find all this available online? DFS sites allow you to take part in all of this and more without having to worry about finding yourself in any legal troubles.

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Kansas has determined that all of these competitions are won with some amount of skill. We’re talking about skill needed to pick the right players by understanding the professional matchups, keeping tabs on injury reports, and managing your roster effectively. This skill sets DFS apart from games of chance and makes winners out of every day people because those are the skills that will help anyone take 1st place. Since the laws have a clear set of rules for each category, and until the classification of daily fantasy sports in Kansas changes, it’s legal to accept entries from any eligible state resident.

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Does FanDuel Accept Kansas Players?

The original site for daily fantasy sports in Kansas is FanDuel and they’re offering both traditional and daily leagues to all state residents since 2009. As a leader among the DFS sites, they have a huge player base and so they never have a problem of getting entries to fill the contests and paying out the biggest cash prizes. They’re offering many different choices in leagues by providing their members the opportunity to play with all of the major sports in the US. You can play for the season or just for the weekend, and if you win, you’re able to receive the money the same day.

There isn’t any need to worry about legal consequences for using FanDuel as your favorite daily fantasy sports site. They provide their members with all the necessary tools to keep the process totally safe and legal for everyone. The only requirement of any DFS user is that they be at least 18 years old so that this site can provide you with all the necessary forms for filing taxes on your winnings because with their contests, like the Sunday Million, there are top prizes of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re good, you’re going to need a legitimate site to process your prizes, and FanDuel is that Kansas daily fantasy sports site.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Easy Interface
  • East Deposits and Payouts
  • Massive Tournaments
  • Great DFS Options
  • Not Available In All States