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I’ve been asked, “Are there any Washington sports betting venues and can we put money down on the Seahawks?” So, I’ve put together this informational webpage to go over the ins and outs of wagering in the Evergreen state. I was surprised by the information I gathered from the government and I feel that it’s an important job to pass it on to any prospective bettors in the state. I know that if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll want to wager on the Seahawks or the Mariners, and I’ve found the best places to do so.

I know this state’s stance on sports wagering is unlike any other. The culminations of state and federal regulations are confusing to most players and it’s hard to know exactly what is allowed and available. You’re going to find many Indian casinos within the state, but they aren’t authorized to run lines, so where else can you turn to drop a dime on the ball game? If you’ve got an internet connection, you can pop open your browser and connect to online sportsbooks. It’s exhilarating to take away a W with +195 odds on the underdog, or sweat it out as your team marches down the field, in the final two minutes of the game, while your over/under is on the line.

Washington Sports Betting Sites

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Washington?

Washington is on the forefront of anti-betting legislation and while the atmosphere isn’t not outright hostile towards bettors by any means, it isn’t the friendliest state to place wagers outside of the state’s authorization. These legal ramifications don’t appear to be changing anytime soon and it’s up to the future voters of the state to amend the statutes. Congressional representatives receive their mandates from the people, and right now, the state restricts any form of internet betting. Couple that with the federal mandates for sportsbooks and anyone could end up between a rock and a hard place, but that doesn’t mean that they will. Law enforcement hasn’t given anyone hard time for a $50 bill down on the NFL, but right now they technically have legal authority to stop any gambling activity. Luckily, they are only targeting the bookmakers in the country.

Don’t get turned off yet, because it isn’t going to be a bad choice if you want to play your favorites and decide to join up with an online sportsbook. If you want to put up some money today, go ahead, you’ll find that you can gain exposure from multiple sites. Hedging your bet is a good way to avoid a tough loss, or end up positive for the week. There are many different scenarios in which you can use online books to widen your margins and turn your bankroll from red to black.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Washington?

Washington regulators aren’t nearly as smooth as Warren G, but anyone interested in sports betting sites need to take note of the state statutes. Congressional representatives have issued the authority for enforcement to pursue individual internet bettors. They have yet to indict anyone, but right now, it’s well within their power. The state defines gambling in RCW 9.46.0237 as risking something of value on the outcome of a game or event. This section definitely includes language for sports betting, yet we still haven’t found any evidence of local law enforcement investigating any individuals for using online sportsbooks. The government is more interested in this type of wagering, found in section RCW 9.46.0269, “"Professional gambling." This law outlines language for proprietors and operators of gambling rings. Without a doubt, illicit bet-takers will be prosecuted under both state and federal laws. You can think about putting a few dollars on your favorite teams, but don’t even consider being a local bookie.

It’s not that you can’t find places that accept WA residents, but there is a state law that doubles down on the federal wire act of 1961. The state law, RCW 9.46.240 says that transmitting on receiving Upon investigation, legal prosecutors could slap a small fine to any violators, but gathering information and discovering any infractions is a nightmare and pretty much impossible. If you decide this is the route you want to take, we agree that it’s a good one, because most online sportsbooks are operating legally from their home countries, and accept players from all fifty states.

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Does Bovada Accept Players From Washington?

The wealthiest man in the United States lives in Washington. His name is Bill Gates, he founded the Microsoft Corporation, and when he’s not designing his latest gadget or being a philanthropist, he’s betting on sports at Bovada! Very few online sportsbooks have the cachet of riches and security features that Bovada has. You can ask any of the million or so members. They’ll tell you that Bovada has the longest list of sports to bet on, the easiest funding methods, and the most profitable bonuses. All Washington residents can sign up, provided they are 18 or older.

When it comes to legality, Bovada has all its bases covered. Since it is not located within the United States, it is not governed by US laws. There are several statutes that make it so a sportsbook must be located offshore if it wants to stay legal. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no law stopping you from using Bovada. There has never been a case of anyone ever getting arrested for doing so. Joining Bovada should not cause you to worry in any way, because it is perfectly legitimate.

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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

Washington is known as one of the least religious states in America. One could almost say that sports betting is more popular than Jesus in the Evergreen State. It may be possible that could save your soul, or at the very least make you rich. It is one of the top ranked online sportsbooks in the world, featuring everything from auto racing to tennis. Wager types include everything from straight bets to point buying, which lets you pay money for extra points to add to the spread. It’s a great way to improve your chances of winning your bet. has some truly divine bonuses, including the fifty percent welcome reward. This means that you get half of your bets free on your very first deposit. Another godly bonus is the reload reward, which is anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off every deposit over $50. With savings like these, you won’t have to pray for a miracle. You will, however, have to send the correct promo code to the site so they know which bonus you want to use. It will be SB50 for the welcome bonus, and FORLIFE for the reload. You will also have to spend some of your own deposit money first before you can use the bonus. This is called a rollover requirement, and it is standard operating procedure for any online betting site.

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Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Washington

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Washington

  • Seattle Mariners
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Seattle Sounders

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Washington

It’s my honest opinion that Washington residents take advantage of their Seahawks and Mariners handicap and use many sites to make real money or bet both sides of the action, something that’s not legal in Las Vegas in-house betting halls. In addition, when you sign up for multiple sites, you’re going to be reaping in many different welcome bonuses. Think about it, 5x the welcome bonuses on every one of those initial deposits. Sites have even produced mobile versions that allow you to keep track of your accounts and tickets on the go. There’s a level of convenience that you thought you could only get from the “easy button” and there is absolutely no reason not to beat da button up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Washington?

Yes and no. According to Washington state code, daily fantasy sports is considered gambling, and is therefore not allowed. However, Washington residents can still take part in free contests and tournaments, of which daily fantasy sports sites offer many. In addition, it is quite possible that in the future, paid daily fantasy sports contests could become legal. Several Washington lawmakers have recently proposed new legislation to allow daily fantasy sports.

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One of the most vocal supporters of DFS is Washington State Senator Michael Blaumgartner, who wants to bring regulated daily fantasy sports games to the Evergreen State. Currently, the primary law that prevents DFS sites from operating is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which has to do with the way money can be transferred to and from gaming sites. Because Washington law considers DFS a game of chance rather than skill, it is forbidden under UIGEA regulations.

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Does FanDuel Accept Washington Players?

At FanDuel, Washington residents can take part in some great free games and contests. This site has been a leader in the daily fantasy sports game since it first started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2009. Within the last few years, FanDuel has become a huge deal. There are currently more than one million members who play daily fantasy sports every week, and they win millions of dollars. Unfortunately, since Washington law considers DFS a game of chance, Evergreen State residents are not allowed to participate in these paid-entry tournaments.

As previously mentioned, FanDuel does have some great free contests that are totally legal. While you can’t actually win anything, these contests are still a fun and enjoyable way to kill some time and to hone your skills. Daily fantasy sports is much more exciting than traditional fantasy sports because you have the ability to pick your team anew every time there is a game or contest. It’s the next best thing to winning actual money, and you don’t have to spend a dime to enter!

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
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Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
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