Georgia Sports Betting

When it comes to Georgia sports betting there's only one thing that interested fans need to know and that's the best odds and action are online. Most sports fans might not know that there is a huge world class wagering community growing on the web. With no regulated land based sportsbook within 2,000 miles of anyone in GA, this is welcome news for most who hear it. As you'll read later the legality of this is not in question for bettors in the peach state.

On top of pro teams in every sport, we also boost some of the best college and minor league teams around. Far beyond being merely Atlanta Falcons sports betting sites, you will find odds and prop bets on every major sport and event in the world listed at our recommended Georgia sports betting sites. With extremely user friendly interfaces, and outstanding customer service you'll find betting online in Georgia to be as easy and playing the lotto.

Not all states with legal sports betting venues are cut from the same cloth, and each one that we offer here is unique in its own way. They might look like they came right out of the 90’s, and that is because they have been around since the 90’s. They might be very modern and look intimidating. Do not let this fool you, each of them offer comprehensive instructions for new players on how to place wagers, make deposits/payouts, and understand wager types. They might seem low budget, or sketchy, but like the athletics department in the state that operates on way less than their SEC counterparts and still manages to turn out top NFL picks and players that value the game more than million dollar “facilities.” The fans, the athletes, and the state take on a moral high ground without being pretentious or condescending. They operate on a higher standard, and that is exactly how these betting venues are.

Georgia Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Up To $250
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 50% Up To $1,000
  • 100% Up To $300

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In Georgia?

Is Georgia sports betting legal? Yes, but you need to be made aware of some of the restrictions and laws surrounding the activity. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was put in place to protect athletes from being taken advantage of by bookmakers. The law prohibits most of the bookies in the US from setting up shop, and it is only legal to manage a book in four states. This means that the operator is liable for any legal trouble, not the individual placing the bets.

The two states out of the four that have actually implemented wagering are Nevada and Delaware. In order to utilize these land-based books you would need to live in or travel to those states to wager. Nevada may be wide open as far as betting is concerned, but there is the lack of convenience, bonuses, and strong inexpensive drinks. Delaware has betting also but again it has restrictions, like the number of wagers you can place, types of bets, and betting is only available during NFL season. There is not anything wrong with wagering with these land-based options, but compared to the legal sites that we feature, the most profitable and advantageous option would be with the latter.

What Are The Laws In Georgia About Sports Betting?

The laws for Georgia sports betting are hard to find because there really aren't any. However, there are laws on the books for most other forms of gambling. They allow residents to play bingo and the lottery, bet on dogs and horses at racetracks, and various online casino games like keno, and bingo. The state takes the same stance on betting that is taken federally. In Georgia state code, section 16-12-33 it states that a person that gives, offers, or rewards anyone that participates in professional or amateur sporting events including coaches, affiliates, etc., with the intent to influence an athlete to lose or affect the margin of winning is committing the act of bribery and can be convicted and punished. The meaning of the law is simple, it is considered unlawful to fix games or to try to influence a player to cheat. As you can see, the laws regarding sports betting in your state are not centered on the bettor, but on criminals and operating books within the state. This law is reminiscent of the Wire Act, which is a federal law that was enacted to stop criminals from using their influence to affect sporting events with organized crime. There are no further definitions or codes regarding sports betting by an individual, so according to law you are within your rights to wager online without breaking any laws, state or federal.

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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

There are billions of dollars passing through the hands of Georgia sports betting websites and you’re able to get a piece of the action by joining There might be other websites that have lines on the teams from the Major Leagues, but the odds at this sportsbook are famous. This book has the highest paying lines on any professional baseball game, starting from the beginning of the year and lasting all the way through the World Series. This site has been providing Americans with a legal platform to bet the Braves and the Falcons since 1991. Plus, they didn’t just limit themselves to professional ball, and the sportsbook has a collegiate section to play the odds on the popular teams from the SEC and ACC conferences.

There are some really fantastic bonuses that are especially made for new users.’s newcomers can receive a 50% match on their initial deposits by using the code “SB50” on the cashier page. This is an instant bonus that lets you take up to $500 in extras from the very start. You’ll get your account’s bankroll stacked before you place your first bet. They also have free play offers on their mobile betting or live in-game betting to give you an opportunity to make a few picks without the risk of losing their money. They’ll cover your first loss up to $25 when you use either service, just send an email to the bookie to redeem the offer.

Deposits: Rated 4.5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 5 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Great NFL Wagering
  • Fun Props
  • Live Betting
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • No NJ, NV, NY
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Will BetOnline Take Players From Georgia?

Georgia residents have access to an incredible sports betting site for wagering on the Falcons or the Braves. BetOnline has been in business since 1991 and their website has facilitated millions of bets over the years. This site has an enormous player base and thousands of members from this state have smartly decided to play the odds with one of the most trusted names on the web. The reason that people keep coming back to this sportsbook is obvious, they provide their players with the easiest ways to fund their accounts and load them up with all kinds of extras and freebies. The payout process is simple and this sportsbook is always saving their members money on processing withdrawals by providing cost effective methods.

Georgia residents can take advantage of some very attractive offers from BetOnline. This sportsbook has some very generous promotions to stack their member bankrolls from the very start. Newcomers can receive a welcome bonus of a 25% match on the first deposit made by new members. However, the extras don’t stop there, they also have an amazing offer for returning members. If you use the promo code, “LIFEBONUS” on the cashier page, you’ll be able to get a 25% bonus on every single deposit after the first, up to $1000.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4.5 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 4 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Best Bonuses
  • Great Lines
  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Mobile Betting
  • No NJ, NV, NY
Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
  • USA?
  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

Latest Georgia Sports Betting News

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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Georgia

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Georgia

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Atlanta Thrashers
  • Valdosta St Blazers
  • Georgia State
  • Georgia Tech
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • Georgia Southern Eagles

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Georgia

Just like for most Georgia sports fans, my enthusiasm is not just a hobby or interest; it is a part of who I am and where I come from. If you are ready and willing to take your sports enthusiasm to the next level or are ready to pop your wagering cherry, I implore you to at least try the Georgia sports betting sites we have presented. It would be just plain rude if you did not, just kidding, but really, it is free to join, and who doesn’t like free stuff?

If you still are not convinced here is another reason to take a gander at the books. Everything is about the latest in technology these days and the sports betting venues here are with the times featuring their new mobile betting apps. This special app can be used on any smart phone or device, and you can take it with you anywhere. There is no download or extra cost, it is free for all members. With this app you can check on your bets, manage your account, request payouts and make deposits, and so much more, its like having a little bookmaker right in your pocket! Join and see for yourself how convenient and fun mobile betting can be!

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Georgia?

Daily fantasy sports in Georgia are legal for all residents to play and many different kinds of leagues are available that last all week or one day. If you’re a fan of fantasy contests, you can use your skill and knowledge to build, what might be, the greatest team of all time and wreak havoc among your league and make all your competitors tremble with fear. It takes a good bit of sports and player knowledge to win traditional leagues by managing your team throughout the season like a real coach, and this “game of skill” distinction keeps fantasy sports in a different category than true games of chance. The laws make different classifications of gaming operations and treat every class different. However, it’s important to note that only games of chance require special permissions and licensing. Since fantasy sports doesn’t fit this description, they can offer legal contests to any eligible US player.

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Good news for GA residents; daily fantasy sports sites are also legal, and they can give anyone the best way to play in contests without the yearlong commitment of traditional games. Did you know that you can find websites online that provide you the opportunity to play in many different leagues, including both daily and traditional? They want you to continue to remain in good standing with the IRS and stay out of trouble with the government, so DFS sites are keeping the process legal and safe for all their members. Any transactions made to or from the DFS sites are very legit, and they provide you with all the necessary paperwork to file taxes on your winnings.

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Does FanDuel Accept Georgia Players?

There are some great websites devoted to delivering daily fantasy sports to all Georgia residents and if you’ve considered putting together a few lineups, you should become a member at FanDuel. This site offers both traditional fantasy leagues to daily leagues and you can sign up for either or both if you’re especially dedicated. The difference between traditional and daily fantasy sports is the length of the contest. This site gives their members an opportunity to draft a new lineup for the next week’s competitions with the daily fantasy contests, but players still have the option to play in season long tournaments by signing up for a traditional league at the start of the season. With millions of members from all over the country, they are trusted to provide excellence in fantasy sports, and have been since 2009.

There are many states that aren’t allowing their residents to participate in any daily fantasy sports. Fortunately, for Georgia players, no one has to worry about getting in trouble for winning a few bucks on FanDuel. There are billions of dollars in prizes every year, and this site keeps all their prizes and contests legal by providing you all the necessary info for paying taxes on your big wins. They’re keeping the process legal, so you can worry about your next QB draft, not your next court date.

Deposits: Rated 5 Stars
Payouts: Rated 4 Stars
Bonuses: Rated 3 Stars
Fees: Rated 4 Stars
  • Easy Interface
  • East Deposits and Payouts
  • Massive Tournaments
  • Great DFS Options
  • Not Available In All States