Legal Sports Betting In Iowa

When Iowa native John Wayne wasn’t exploring the frontier, herding cattle, or shooting Yankees, he was playing the odds at his favorite sportsbook. Hawkeye State residents have some great opportunities for Iowa sports betting. With some of the best online books available, residents can follow the Duke’s lead and join the world of web-based betting. Signing up is fast, fun, and free. All you have to do is open an account, make a deposit, and you’ll be on the road to El Dorado in no time at all!

Chances are you are one of the many searchers who have tried to find a land-based book in the Hawkeye State. You’ve looked and looked and come up empty-handed. This is because federal laws only allow sports wagering venues to operate in Delaware and Nevada. That does not mean that you don’t have any options, though. The online betting hubs that we recommend are in some ways better than the traditional land-based books. So come on, Pilgrim, and park you horse at an online sportsbook because, in the words of ole’ Duke, “tomorrow is the most important thing in life.”

Iowa Sports Betting Sites

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Iowa?

Yes. You will have no trouble betting on sports in the Hawkeye State. What the law actually does is prevent state-sponsored bookmakers from operating in Iowa. This is why you will not find any land-based sports betting venues unless you go to Nevada or Delaware. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) makes this so. However, the law does not prevent an individual from using an online book. There are some first-rate sites for you to look into that do not have to abide by US law because they function overseas.

You might still be a bit apprehensive about betting on sports because of PASPA. Rest assured, though, that PASPA only affects those who stand to profit from betting as a business...namely criminals. Even though PASPA relegates land-based sports wagering to just two states, the law is controversial and may soon be on its way out. Several states, New Jersey in particular, have recently attempted to have PASPA struck down on the grounds that the law is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

State Laws Regarding Legal Sports Betting In Iowa

Believe it or not, state law does permit establishments with liquor licenses to operate sports wagering pools if the games are publicly displayed. However, you may not bet more than 5 dollars and the total winnings pool may not exceed 500 dollars (Section 99b.6). Most states do not have such lenient provisions when it comes to betting. There are other forms of legal betting, such as casino betting and horseracing as well. Another section of the state code that relates to sports wagering is Section 99B.12, which contains a clause that prohibits an individual from participating in bookmaking. However, the language does not say anything about individuals placing bets. It only exists to prevent individuals from taking money on bets. The law targets those who stand to profit from bookmaking as a business. The average bloke who places a bet has nothing to worry about as far as getting in trouble with the law.

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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

Do you know the best place for making your picks on the greatest teams in the NFL or the MLB? Thousands of Iowa residents have already joined one of the best sports betting sites and you can too. is a leader among online sportsbooks and they have lines on all the professional matches played, every year. Plus, they don’t just stop at the highest level, collegiate and amateur leagues are also available for action. This sportsbook runs many different wager types for each contest, and you can find a plethora of ways to play the spread, the moneyline, or the exotic odds.

You’re going to be amazed by the one-of-a-kind offer for their members. Did you know that returning players can get an additional 25% in bonuses on every deposit they make? There aren’t many sites on the net with a lifetime bonus and if you use the code “FORLIFE” on the cashier page, you can take that instant bonus straight to the books. There’s no doubt that the extra credit you get from this sportsbook can help you place a few more bets, win a little bit more, and grow your bankroll from the get-go.

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Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Iowa

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Iowa

  • Green Bay Packers (NFL)
  • Minnesota Vikings (NFL)
  • Minnesota Twins (MLB)
  • Minnesota T’Wolves (NBA)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)
  • Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Chicago Bears (NFL)
  • Chicago Cubs (MLB)
  • Chicago Bulls (NBA)
  • Chicago White Sox (MLB)
  • Iowa Hawkeyes
  • Iowa State Cyclones
  • Northern Iowa Panthers

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Iowa

Sports wagering is a popular activity, there’s no denying that fact. The people have spoken. Americans are saying “I want my sportsbooks,” and the government continues to ignore their cries. Things may be turning around real soon, though. Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry. Do you know how much money people spend every year? $400 billion. That’s no chump change. One look at Las Vegas will show you how much a state’s economy could benefit from more relaxed laws. Between the popularity of online books and several states’ recent attempts to challenge PASPA, we may be gearing up for some real change. Be part of the tide of history and join an online sports betting site at once!

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Iowa?

Iowa is one of the few states that does not allow daily fantasy sports sites to accept residents. The laws are actually pretty harsh. According to the state code, a person is not allowed to “participate in a game for any sum of money or other property of any value (725.7). You could get in trouble for using DFS sites, unfortunately. A misdemeanor or class 2 felony is possible.

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However, a bill was recently proposed to exempt fantasy sports from Iowa’s definition of “gambling.” This bill, known as SB 166, is currently still in the House of Representatives and hasn’t gotten very far. With popular opinion leaning toward daily fantasy sports, it is definitely possible that in the near future we will see the dawn of legal DFS gaming in the Hawkeye State. Most people agree that DFS is a game of skill and not a game of chance.

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Does Draftkings Accept Iowa Players?

Most people have heard of fantasy sports, but they might not be completely aware of the difference between traditional and daily. DraftKings offers daily fantasy sports, which, unlike traditional, lets you choose a new roster of players and enter a new tournament every week. With traditional fantasy sports, you were stuck with whatever players you chose and you had to wait it out for an entire season. DFS is better because it gives you much more control over your picks and you have more chances to win prize money.

In Iowa, the legality of daily fantasy sports is somewhat up in the air. Currently, Iowa law considers DFS gambling, and says that is against the law to participate. However, there is a bill called SB166 that was proposed on March 12, 2015, that seeks to exempt DFS from the definition of “gambling.” The bill is currently in the House of Representatives, but has not yet gotten very far.. Still, there is the possibility that at some point, Iowa residents might be able to get in on the DraftKings action and participate in the games of skill that are daily fantasy sports!

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