Legal Sports Betting In Utah

The residents of Utah are people that want to place bets on the Jazz, just like millions of other players in states with sports betting from around the country. You won’t only find teams from the NBA. There are thousands of lines on games from both the professional and collegiate leagues. We’re guessing that you’ve got an edge on your local team and you can put that to the test using any sportsbook. Bettors call it handicapping when you consider your knowledge of the team and of the competition. Locals are going to have the best information, and that leads to higher than usual win rates when picking their teams, because who knows more about the Jazz than Salt Lake City residents?

Just ask any real sports aficionado where they place the majority of their bets, and they’ll tell that they lay their money down online. The laws of Utah are pretty strict and clearly defined when it comes to games of skill or chance, as well as the ability to place wagers within the state’s jurisdiction. It’s criminal to play bet money with anyone in the state, but they’ve got no laws that prohibit anyone from using an online sportsbook, and that’s good news for us. Betting online isn’t breaking the law, and you can join a site for free today.

Utah Sports Betting Sites

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Utah?

Anyone in Salt Lake City with a heartbeat and a bankroll can take chalk if they are old enough, because sports betting is legal in Utah. The great thing about the government in this country is that it is constantly evolving, and the people have the right to choose leaders, and therefore it’s ultimately up to the people to decide which laws they want to live under. Currently, the federal government and the state government have a couple laws that work in tandem to prohibit the operation of betting houses and casinos. Any organization or individual does not legally have a right, per the US government, to accept bets from anyone or to facilitate any wagers between multiple players or parties. Tie that together with this state’s clearly unfriendly stance that prohibits residents from wagering at in-state organizations and it leaves the population without any land-based options for playing the odds or risky entertainment of any kind. That’s not a problem for online gamblers however, because despite all these federal and state regulations, no one is breaking the law with an internet sportsbook.

There is a clear distinction between bookmaking and bet placing, there are not currently any restrictions on playing the odds online. The national government preempts local jurisdiction and the federal law, the professional and amateur sports protection act, passed in 2006. This bill restricted the legal authorization of bookmaking down to a small handful of states. Utah did not make the list and their politicians aren’t currently seeking to amend that fact. Luckily, online sportsbooks have become more widely available in the last couple of decades and some top-notch services are currently accepting bettors from anywhere. These sites exist outside the jurisdiction of PASPA by hosting their services from another country.

Are There Any State Laws That Affect Sports Betting In Utah?

There’s a rise in the number of yearly bets made in Utah even though the state government took a harsh stance on in-state betting. They tried to reduce the number of criminal syndicates that funded their enterprises by illicit bookmaking. Not a single state in the country has put someone behind bars just for placing bets online and no, Utah isn’t going to start any time soon. While the state statutes do include some anti-gambling legislation, it’s important to note the focus and individual stipulations of the provision. The first statute defines gambling, 76-10-1101, as risking anything for a return on a game of chance. Some consider sports betting a game of skill because there are many different reasons to contest that each pick and/or ticket isn’t merely left up to chance. High rollers pay thousands to handicappers for inside information and the ability to run razor thin margins of victory and with their help big time investors manage to eek out black ink every week.

Not even the state of Utah has any kind of legislation to stand between legal gamblers and internet betting houses. In fact, we keep up with any notable legal pursuits against sportsbooks, it’s our job. That said, we’re constantly looking out for courtroom proceedings that involve bettors being indicted. We have to know, so we can pass on the information, and while searching we could not find a single arrest record for any resident in Utah for breaking 76-10-1102 with an online service. We know that the government only targets bookmakers, and lack a real legal platform or reason to prosecute anyone for using an internet sportsbook.

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Does SportsBetting Accept Players From My State?

Among the Utah sports betting sites, the largest player-base is at Millions of players from the U.S. have become members and have made thousands of dollars, every year, from international bookmakers like this one. This online sportsbook is hosted off-shore from the Republic of Panama and they’ve been in business for over 25 years, offering legal betting on the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the Major League of Baseball. Since they’re outside of US jurisdiction, they can’t be shut down by our federal government. This bookmaker holds a current gaming license and is regularly audited to ensure fairness for all members. They can offer a safe platform for all Americans to play the odds.

If you’ve ever wondered where to play the spread and the over/under odds reported by major sporting news networks? You have a couple of choices, find a land-based venue or take your picks to the web. Since the federal government has done so much to restrict domestic bookmakers, the best bet will be sites, like You don’t have to be roped in for a trip to Vegas just to play the Jazz this year, and now you don’t even have to be sitting at your house. When you connect to the site from your phone, it’s possible to place bets and deposit funds from your fingertips. Play the spread from anywhere in Utah with

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Will BetOnline Take Players From Utah?

You don’t need to worry about breaking the law in Utah for a real sports betting experience. BetOnline is an incredible online sportsbook that accepts players from all fifty states, including this one. They run lines on all the teams you want from the pro leagues. They didn’t forget to include odds on collegiate and international conferences either. Signing up with this sportsbook will give you an incredible opportunity play the odds without having to leave your house. Betting didn’t use to be as convenient as it is now, and modern bettors can avoid the Vegas casinos and play the odds online. This sportsbook accepts many different forms of deposits to make funding an account cheap and even their withdrawal requests are processed without charging you an arm and a leg.

The bonuses at BetOnline allow players to increase the size of their bankroll without inflation. Newcomers can receive an incredible welcome offer that adds an additional 25% in free plays to their account. It doesn’t take jumping through hoops to get the kickbacks on your initial deposit, since this bonus only has a low 6x rollover. Plus, returning members can opt in for a bonus with every deposit when they take the lifetime rewards offer. You can take advantage of all of the great perks from this Utah sports betting site today, and joining is free.

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Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For Sports Betting States
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Sports Betting FAQ’s For The State Of Utah

List Of Popular Sports Teams In Utah

  • Utah Jazz
  • Brigham Young Cougars
  • Utah Utes
  • Utah State Aggies

Final Thoughts On Legal Sports Betting In Utah

There are more perks to betting online than I can even name here, and there is absolutely no reason to travel anywhere in this country for tickets on the NCAA or MLB. To state it simply, it is a good idea to consider using the internet for placing your many different kinds of bets and getting great odds at the same time. It’s impossible to find them both at an in-house betting venue because the businesses on the Las Vegas strip have high vigs and multimillion dollar high rise hotels to pay for. You’re going to get generous bonuses on the internet that you can’t even try to redeem from a Vegas cashier. Ask for 50% extra in chips (like the welcome bonuses at most online sportsbooks). The cashiers will surely laugh in your face, and greedy pit bosses aren’t going to let you win too much of their money and walk out with both your knee caps intact, anyways. Avoid terrible experiences and terrible people by becoming a member of the best alternative to Vegas.

Online books are more convenient than land-based spots, and all of your bones will remain in one piece. Sit right there in your computer chair and read through thousands of lines using your internet browser. In fact, you don’t even have to be sitting in your computer chair if you have a smart phone. Online sites are just better and they always have a mobile service that you can access from your phone or tablet. Think about slaving away for years in order to earn enough money to pay for an all inclusive trip to Hawaii, and then think about how easy it will be to win the money from Utah sports betting from one winning ticket. Take a trip to Hawaii the easy way.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Utah?

Yes, it is legal to play daily fantasy sports in the great state of Utah. This may seem somewhat surprising, considering that Utah is known to have some extreme regulations. Since daily fantasy sports is considered a game of skill, though, instead of a game of chance, it does not fit the definition of “gambling.” In fact, the only requirement for playing daily fantasy sports in Utah is that you must be at least 18.

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The 2006 law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) applies in most states, including Utah. However, the law provides for an exception when it comes to games of skill such as daily fantasy sports, which takes no small amount of sports knowledge and statistical analysis. Some states have recently been trying to outlaw DFS, but it is unlikely to happen in Utah anytime soon.

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Does FanDuel Accept Utah Players?

FanDuel was one of the first daily fantasy sports sites ever. It first started in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the past few years, it has expanded exponentially and now has offices in major cities all across the globe. Millions of players use FanDuel to pick their favorite players from all the most popular leagues, including NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. One of the coolest things about DFS is that you can draft a brand new team every single game, unlike old-school fantasy sports, in which you had to wait until the season was over before you could pick a new team.

This amazing daily fantasy sports site gives you all the amenities you could possibly want, including simple funding methods, generous bonuses, and a huge buffet selection of tournaments and games. It has everything from huge prize pools to one-on-one competitions. People win lots of money playing at FanDuel. The site pays out billions of dollars every year in prizes. So if you possess that extra special knowledge of sports and want to win lots of money, FanDuel is the daily fantasy sports site for you.

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