PASPA’s Inevitable Demise

A survey done by a law firm called Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for the American Gaming Association (AGA) determined that most Americans are for the legalization of sports betting in the United States and are ready for PASPA’s inevitable demise.

Another part of the survey showed that a lot of people aren’t even sure of the legal status of online gambling and do not know of PASPA. If you don’t know, PASPA is the federal ban on single-game sports gambling in the United States (Nevada is exempt).

Sports Betting Poll Results

The sports betting poll results that may interest you include the fact that only 38% of participants knew that sports gambling was illegal in the U.S. which is a staggering number in itself. Out of every ten that were polled, six were in favor of illuminating PASPA all together and the number increased by more than 10% when speaking with just sports fans. Also, two out of three participants are in agreeance that legalizing sports betting would help cities in terms of job creation and added tax revenues.

This poll wasn’t specific to just the attitudes and beliefs of individuals on the federal sports laws that ban betting but it also asked people if they had ever bet on sports and things like that. While the percentage of people that actually admit to having bet on sports is fairly low at 19%, it’s safe to assume that some were scared off from admitting they had after finding out that it was illegal. When speaking to just sports fans, the number skyrockets to nearly 50%.

When it came to questions about whether or not betting on sports helped peak players interest, the numbers were pretty clear cut. Over 80% of people admitted that they are more likely to talk about a game, follow a team, or enjoy a game more when betting on sports. The poll showed that over 90% of people will be more likely to watch a game that they bet than if they hadn’t bet on it.

Conclusion: Sports betting should be legal in the US

This isn’t the only study that proves most agree that sports gambling should be legal in the United States. There are plenty out there with numbers to back up that theory and the changes in policy are already pretty significant. For betting in sports betting states, prepare for the battle to end PASPA to be a long but worthwhile one when it’s all said and done.