BetDSI Still Has Pats -6

BetDSI Still Has Pats -6As Super Bowl LII approaches, you’ve probably noticed that the spread has dropped considerably from its first posting of Patriots -6. For Eagles bettors, that’s a bad thing, as the shortened spread gives Philly less leeway to underperform but still come out on top at the sportsbooks. And, if you’re relegated to betting in Las Vegas where there’s virtually no variety between casino bookmakers, that might be a real problem, turning a valuable handicap into much less of a sure thing. That said, you can still get the Eagles +6 at BetDSI, though you’ll need to sign up and wager ASAP if you want to lock in those odds.

At most sportsbooks (both online and Vegas-based), the Eagles vs. Patriots Super Bowl spread favors New England by 4.5 points. Given NE’s 2-5 record against the spread in Belichick-Brady Super Bowls (and, perhaps more importantly, their 3.8-point average margin of victory), that might seem like a safe deal for Philly fans. And in fact, the action so far bears that out, as bettors are picking the Eagles over the Pats on the spread at about a 60-40 clip. Even more interestingly, however, is the fact that bettors are favoring Philly even more strongly on the straight moneyline, with 75% of wagers picking the Eagles to win outright (at +170 odds). Whether or not this is symptomatic of the shrinking spread is up for debate, but there definitely seems to be some correlation there.

BetDSI Still Has Pats -6It’s important to note that, as of Tuesday, two prominent Las Vegas sportsbooks – the Westgate SuperBook and the South Point – have driven the Super Bowl spread even lower to Patriots -4. For Pats bettors, these are the best odds you’re going to get anywhere, barring buying points at online sportsbooks like BetOnline or 5Dimes. Most online books, however, are unified in their main lines, offering the Patriots at -4.5 and holding steady there as we get closer to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday.

But, even as the Eagles are dominating the public betting consciousness, remember that – as usual – you can find the most favorable Philly numbers online in sports betting states. Again, BetDSI still has the Pats at -6, right where they opened. That’s an awfully tempting line for Super Bowl 52, and it’s one that even Patriots homers probably shouldn’t pass up.